February 21, 2017

Mental and Physical Preparations for the Fall-Winter Season

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder for those of us residing in the Northern hemisphere, and we soon start realizing that we are entering the fall and then winter. Apart from preparing for Halloween and Christmas celebrations, we also must prepare our bodies and minds to get the best out of these seasons. This list is centered on the fun aspects of health and it is meant to function as a pleasant reminder of the benefits of paying a bit of attention to ourselves.

Running Girl


When the bad weather sets in, our energy levels deplete. This is both due to the decreasing number of sunny days, but also the increasing amount of time spent home watching movies instead of spending time outside when the sun is shining. It is therefore of utmost importance to find a type of exercise that is entertaining and motivating. Dance Zumba, go for a run in the rain, or play squash with your hubby indoor and make out in the shower after! Whatever works, make it a habit and do not stop because exercise has fast effects on your immune system, cognitive functions, and metabolism! You will feel sexier, and most importantly happier due to the increase of serotonin.


Just like exercise, diet will come up on the health list over and over again. There is nothing to do about it, we are made of flesh and bones and we must nourish our bodies to survive. The cold season often brings heavy dishes on our tables, and while many of these help to keep the heat, they are often very fatty and unhealthy.  It’s important to remember to include salad and fruits in your diet. A bowl of oatmeal boosts Vitamin E, while an omelet boosts your omega-3 fatty acid levels. Combined these two help fight depression and help the growth of teeth, bone, and muscles. Eggs even contain phospholipids that contribute to a sharper memory by allowing nutrients reach your brain faster. Also, chocolate is old news, but great news. It’ll make you happy, but please go with 70 % dark chocolate, to avoid excessive amounts of fat and sugar. Plus, dark chocolate contains far more antioxidants that are good for your little heart, and help regulate blood pressure, as well as cholesterol. When it comes to main courses, as an additional exercise (if you live by the sea), go fishing with your friends. Fish contains B2, riboflavin, and vitamins C, A, and D. The components combined contribute to better vision, healthier skin, and joint and bone health. Furthermore, alcohol is also very tempting as a form of entertainment, nevertheless it is important to take care of your liver. If you do get tempted, pick a red wine that is of good quality containing antioxidants, and reservatrol that helps control your blood sugar. Finally, drink loads of water when you finally do go out instead of getting totally hammered on vodka or tequila at the club. Read more on healthy food in 7 Essential Foods for a Healthy Mind and Body.

Social Engagement

Yes, this one is an unusual suggestion, but in fact socializing helps to keep the brain active. A lack of social engagement can contribute to winter depression, but getting to new people to know is important for our human needs and on rainy days this can be less motivating than on hot summer days on the beach. The solution is to initiate contact and maybe even organize a party at your place and ask your friends to invite their friends. It’ll be fun, and you’ll get out of your comfort zone.

Author bio: Xenia Kisantal is an international creative content writer at Miinto IE. Xenia has a background in Communication and Public Administration. She has a professional experience in the fashion and music industry, and an interest in lifestyle and travel.



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