February 21, 2017

Is Stress Affecting Your Performance? 5 Tips On Managing Your Stress Levels at Work

Stress is a part of everyday life in the workplace. Variables that come into play when managing stress are the severity of the stressors, and how the stress is dealt with. A stress assessment test can help you identify stressors, and therefore help you manage them in a healthy way.

Stress at work

Evaluate Your Results

Once your stress assessment test is complete, review the results. They should identify the sources of stress in your life including your personal and professional life. Identifying the sources of your stress is the most important part of effectively dealing with that stress. Stressors in your personal life can often bleed over into your professional life, so consider all angles as you review your results.


Evaluate Current Strategies

As you review your stressors, think about how you manage stress now and consider the effectiveness of your current strategies. There are plenty of unhealthy ways to manage stress including overeating, smoking, or lashing out at others. If you find yourself managing your stress in unhealthy ways, begin to make changes so that you are developing healthy habits instead. Failing to manage stress at work in a healthy manner could impact your career, so get a handle on your management techniques.


Take Time for Yourself

If your work environment consists of a constantly packed meeting schedule, setup a meeting with yourself. Use the time to go for a walk, listen to some music, or take an extended lunch if possible. Even just thirty minutes each day can make a big difference in your stress and overall work performance.


Make Appropriate Adjustments

Sometimes in the workplace, or in your personal life, there are things that you simply cannot change. Getting upset over these things does nothing to change them, but does everything to raise your stress and blood pressure level. Accept that you do not have the power to change these things and move on. Harboring bitterness or resentment over circumstances or people will only hurt you in the end, and will often do little or nothing to change the outcome. Let it go.


Eliminate Stressors

It is not always possible to eliminate stress at work, so this may be difficult to execute. Say no to extra projects and responsibilities where at all possible, especially if you already have a full plate. Taking on too much can sometimes hurt your performance and reputation at work if the result is mediocrity.

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