February 21, 2017

Spring Into Summer With Good Fitness Tips

With summer quickly approaching, fitness enthusiasts need to change their outdoor activities a little to compensate for the change in climate. Summer sun and humidity does not mean that you have to take your activities indoors; it simply means you have to make a few minor adjustments. Jogging up Adjusting Activities To Accommodate The Weather

If you are into outdoor activities, either for fitness or recreation, you may want to consider implementing these changes into your routine during the heat of summer.

• Avoid Workouts Between 2 and 4 p.m. Each Day. The heat of the sun and the humidity levels are generally at their strongest during this two hour period each day. By refraining from strenuous outdoor activities during this period you will reduce your chances of becoming overheated or dehydrated. If you do need to exercise during this time period, make sure that you take in extra liquids.

• Eat Lighter or Use Meal Replacement Drinks. The heat of summer can have a negative impact on a super-full stomach. By eating lighter meals before activities, or better yet, using a meal replacement shake, you can reduce cramping and becoming overheated. The reduction in calories will also be beneficial to those trying to lose weight.

• Drink More Water. Yes, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice are all liquids, but there is nothing better for your body than plain water. This is especially true during the summer when you are more likely to need more hydration than during any other part of the year.

• Wear Breathable Clothing. You should wear clothing that will allow the heat to escape your body and allow you to sweat freely during your fitness routine. Suppressing too much heat can cause you to become dehydrated and is bad for your skin.

• Don’t Forget Sunscreen. Sunscreen is always a necessity. It will protect you from burning and your skin from prematurely aging.

• Know The Signs Of Heat Exhaustion. Your body will react differently in the heat and humidity. What you are accustomed to doing outside any other time of year may be too strenuous in the heat of summer. Make sure that you know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke so that you can carefully monitor your condition. Do not continue to push yourself if you are feeling ill, it could lead to a serious medical problem.

• Choose The Right Activities. Depending on your location, you may want to change your fitness activities to accommodate for the summer weather. For instance, instead of running in the heat, try swimming each day. You can also incorporate other summer time activities into your routine that will boost fitness, yet can only be done in good weather, such as roller skating.

Having fun and enjoying a fitness program during summer is something that is easy to do when you are correctly prepared. Make sure that you make all the necessary changes to your routine to ensure that you stay fit and healthy during the summer months.

Felicia Willis is a writer and fitness enthusiast. Staying fit is important throughout the year, and in the heat of the summer months, staying hydrated and lean with water and meal replacement shakes is always a good idea.

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