February 15, 2017

Learning To Relax Can Add Years To Your Life!

Did you know that every time you go up in a hot-air balloon, you add a year on to your life? Preposterous, you say? Actually, it makes a lot of sense because when you’re in a hot air balloon, you are far beyond the stresses of the world. Everything is incredibly peaceful and with the engine low, it’s serene. The sensation of floating also adds to the sense of relaxation. You’re alone, and you’re free. In fact, many people after taking a trip in a hot air balloon, get an incredible high. It lasts for hours and feels amazing.

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It’s unsurprising then that a recent report has revealed the benefits of a relaxing lifestyle. If you learn to relax, you can add years onto your life. But what forms of relaxation are we talking about?

Breathing Exercises

Even just breathing can be incredibly relaxing. Try it right now. Breathe in, count to ten, and then release the air. You’ll be giving your brain more oxygen in a burst the clears the mind. It allows you to react more quickly to issues, and your brain heart slows to a steady pace. It’s a fantastic feeling, isn’t it? Even by doing this, you’re  reducing the stress that you feel on a regular basis.

It doesn’t have to be natural breaths either. A lot of people mistake the calm that is received from smoking as a reaction to the nicotine. This would make sense if you couldn’t get the same sensation from zero nicotine vaping. Personalizing your vape mods, you can make sure you’re getting an organic, natural substance. Breathing it in, you’ll feel the calming sensation similar to smoking without the dangers of nicotine.

Running And Fitness

You should be aiming to exercise at least once a day. Twenty to forty minutes does the trick nicely. You’ll feel more relaxed as soon as you start to run, jog or weight life. It allows you to release the tension built up in your body. Chinese medicine suggests that there are pressure points in your body. You can soothe these points of pressure through exercise. As crazy as it might sound, physical endurance is good for the mind as well as the body. That’s why it’s a great idea to exercise before bed. It will give you the clear, fresh feeling that you’re looking for. You’ll be able to forget all your stresses and just get a good night’s sleep.


Stress and tension are caused by issues in your life that you’re not dealing with. Instead, they are building up around you. Whether that’s your financial situation, your job or your personal life. You need to deal with these issues to diminish your stress.

Writing is a great way to do this. Whether you start a blog or keep a personal diary, you can write about the problems in your life. This will help you cope because you will have an outlet for your pain or anxiety. Instead of letting it build inside you, you’ll be letting go.

As you can see, there are both physical and psychological routes to tackle stress. You need to consider both.

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