February 21, 2017

Why Yogurt Should be Part of Your Diet?

Misti Doi (Sweet Yogurt/curd from Bengal)Remember your trip at the frozen section of the supermarket? One traditional dairy food took over all the shelf space, over options like cottage cheese and sour cream. Yogurt is that one food with as many health benefits as one can possibly ask for to be packed into a single option, and hence, it hogs the entire spotlight in the supermarket.

With lots of calcium and lowering risk of colon cancer, cholesterol and yeast infections, yogurts are the magic food sitting in your refrigerator. Fortunately, yogurt is also those among those few foods that are not just good to the body but the tongue as well. Whether you like it plain or flavored, the Greek one or the regular, completely frozen or just refrigerated; few ounces of yogurt a day packs in the punch to keep many trouble away!


A high quality source of protein, calcium and beneficial bacteria is usually labeled as a women food. The creamy and digestible form of yogurt, however, is good for all with no bar on age and sex. However, eating yogurt remains highly recommended for women and kids due to the high dose of calcium that their bodies needs. For the elderly, with sensitive colons or yogurt is also a valuable intake. And for the ones sensitive to lactose, nothing can fill in better than yogurt.


Yogurt and health:


  1. Your colon health: It is often said, you’re only as healthy as your colon is. Yogurt is a rich source of lactobacteria or in easier terms, intestines-friendly bacterial which foster a healthy colon, and reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  2. Your boost to supplement intake: Are you popping pills for vitamins? It is time to consider yogurt intake seriously. The culturing of yogurt is proven to increase the absorption of calcium and B-vitamins, also the lactic acid helps in digesting the milk calcium and enabling it to absorb.
  3. Your immunity: The bacterial cultures present in yogurt are believed to encourage infection-fighting white cells that are in the bloodstream. A study on people who had two cups of live-culture yogurt everyday for three months established that they had higher levels of immunity boosting interferon.
  4. Your aid to prevent infection: Every remedy to most kind of infections starts and stops at yogurt. Often termed as a “healing food” for diarrhea, yogurt has less lactose and more lactase, which helps in healing intestines. The most common yeast infection is proven to be reduced by eating eight ounces of yogurt. It cuts down on the amount of yeast colonies in the vagina and diminishes incidences of vaginal yeast infections.
  5. Your growth food: With huge amount of calcium, protein and the lactic acid that boosts the absorption of minerals, yogurt is rightly termed as the growth food for all.


Yogurt and you


No health food is as popular as yogurt! Most fussy eaters love yogurt in dips, smoothies and even toppings. With dollops of taste, health and fitness, make yogurt that one open secret to great health!


Joel Newman is a health expert and regular blogger. He is a fitness and diet enthusiast. Presently he is into research on  hgh and GenF20 Plus.


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