February 22, 2017

Which Weight Loss eBook Is Best For You?

Finding information on losing weight is easier than ever. Finding good quality information on healthy and sustainable weight loss is not so easy. There are so many options available and the online weight loss industry has managed to develop a poor reputation in recent years. However, that being said, there are some really good options available, if you know what to look for.

There are really only 3 main parts to any weight loss book: Fitness, Diet and Motivation.

Some weight loss systems focus on fitness. These systems guide you through increasingly intensive workouts which are designed to burn fat and also build muscle and develop your fitness levels. Over the course of several weeks or months you will become fitter and stronger which means that you can work even harder, burn more energy and build more muscle. All of this leads to increased resting metabolism which helps you to burn more fat, even while you sleep.

Of course, exercise alone is not the ideal solution, you should change your diet too. Most of the good eBooks which are exercise focused also provide good nutritional advice. For example, The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary is split approximately 50% nutrition and 50% workouts.

However, some systems focus solely on diet. The best example of this is the Diet Solution Program by Isabel de los Rios which provides a comprehensive diet plan with nutrition guides and diet journals to guide you through each step of weight loss. Learning to eat a healthy diet is key to managing your weight.

Remember, every person who is overweight is the victim of a poor diet – inactivity alone does not cause weight gain.

Some eBooks are more focused on the motivational aspects of weight loss. In my opinion, the weight loss industry has managed to develop a bad reputation simply because it so often preys on the desperate and then sells services and products which simply do not work. Often the reason why they do not work is because people are simply not motivated enough to use them!

For example, each year thousands of people buy home exercise equipment which they never use. This does not mean that exercise bikes and home gyms do not help you to get fit or lose weight, it simply means that not using them is the problem. The reason why they go unused is down to a lack of motivation.

A lack of motivation and personal drive is often a much harder obstacle to overcome than the physical act of exercise or lifestyle change. This is why books which provide some advice on human psychology to teach you how to motivate yourself and stay interested in healthy eating a weight loss are so popular.
What you need to decide is which weight loss ebook format is best suited to your needs. If you are a get up and go type of person who just needs to learn what to do, then a book with more emphasis on fitness and dieting is best. If you have struggled with binge eating for many years then you may need more motivation and diet advice.

Fortunately, there is something for everyone. No diet plan can ever be perfect, and a diet plan is only ever as effective as the person who follows it. In the same way that buying an exercise bike and not using it will not lead to weight loss, buying a weight loss eBook and not reading it and following all the advice also will not lead to weight loss. The key is to find a plan you like and stick to it.


This article was written by BellyFatBook.com where you will find a large selection of weight loss ebooks. Although the emphasis is often on losing belly fat, the principals of diet, exercise and motivation are the same for losing any type of fat.


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