February 16, 2017

Swimming Health Benefits

Summer holidays are fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get in shape and improve your health & fitness. If you’re looking to lose weight and tone up this summer, swimming is an amazing form of exercise no matter your age or fitness level.

Swimming Kids, pool

Swimming is one activity in which you can work at your own pace, building your fitness level over time, as well as enjoying the health benefits you will feel from incorporating swimming into your routine.


We take a look at 10 reasons to start swimming this summer with swimming experts www.zoggs.co.uk

  1. Swimming is ideal for anyone with injuries. The water will help support injuries as well as gently strengthening muscles and joints as you swim.
  2. Swimming can be a very calming and relaxing activity. The endorphins released as you exercise should pick up your mood and leave you feeling happy and content after leaving the pool.
  3. Impressively swimming has the same cardiovascular benefits as walking or running, without the risk of muscle injury.
  4. Swimming is a great way to lose weight, with the average 10 minutes of swimming burning an average of 150 calories.
  5. Swimming in the water generates a gentle pressure on your skin which increases circulation around the body.
  6. Unlike a hard session in the gym which isolates specific muscles, swimming puts all your muscles through a range of twists and turns, helping with your overall flexibility and core strength.
  7. Alongside the health benefits, swimming is a fantastic family activity to bond with your children and help build their confidence in the water for the future.
  8. Swimming pools are widely available to visit across the country, making it an affordable and accessible activity for individuals and the whole family.
  9. Swimming is a great activity for asthma sufferers. The moist air in the swimming pool makes breathing easier, and the simple breathing techniques used when swimming can help asthma sufferers in the long run.
  10. Finally, swimming is an enjoyable activity, so grab your swimming goggles and has fun in the water – we’re sure you will feel great!

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