February 21, 2017

Prevention of Invasive Candidiasis in Men

Thrush occurs when the body’s natural balance of yeast cells is upset in some way. As a result of this imbalance the production of these yeast cell increases at an unnatural rate, causing candidiasis. This can affect men and women and has some uncomfortable symptoms including itching and burning sensation in the genital area. The candida fungus also likes warm and moist areas of the body which is why it commonly affects the groin, penis and vagina and can also occur in the mouth. However in certain circumstances this can escalate to invasive candidiasis which is far more serious.


  • The increase in yeast cells can be caused by other illnesses which affect the balance of these cells. Any patient who has a weakened immune system is likely to get candidiasis. People who have HIV will find their immune system significantly weakened and then often have the additional discomfort of candidiasis. If you have been given a course of antibiotics to recover from an infection then these will attack the good and bad bacteria, resulting in the body’s balance being disrupted, it is common for people to get candidiasis when taking a course of antibiotics. If suffering from obesity then the body has excess rolls of fat which create warm moist areas for the fungal infection to spread. It is important to wash and dry all areas of your body thoroughly to prevent outbreaks of candidiasis if you are obese.
  • Patients who have type I and type II diabetes generated increased levels of glucose which can unsettle the natural balance of yeast cells in the body. This excess level of sugar then results in increased production of the fungal cells and so candidiasis occurs. Cancer patients who are taking a course of chemotherapy will often find they also get candidiasis which can occur in the mouth as well as the genital area and cause considerable discomfort. Anyone who is on dialysis has an increased risk of getting candidiasis. Patients who’ve had a central venous catheter in the chest often contract candidiasis.
  • It is very important to try to prevent candidiasis reoccurring if suffering from one of the illnesses mentioned above. If you don’t then it may progress to invasive candidiasis this is an unpleasant infection which can spread throughout the body and affect many of the body’s organs. This is regarded as a medical emergency and may result in you being admitted to intensive care so that your weakened immune system can be protected while the candidiasis is treated. If you have one of the illnesses mentioned above it is important to consult your GP immediately if you develop candidiasis.
  • Anyone suffering from candidiasis should remove yeast based food groups from their diet until treatment is successful. Foods to avoid include bread, cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks, and high sugar fruit and vegetables. Many people believe that eating yoghurt with active cultures can help to ease the symptoms and treat the bacteria from the inside. The yoghurt with active cultures can also be applied to external areas affected to help soothe the irritation. Other natural remedies which can be introduced to your diet to prevent reoccurrence include: garlic, coconut oil, cinnamon, oregano oil and lemongrass.

It is also recommended that sexual intercourse is avoided to prevent passing it to a partner or reinfection. Any sex should be undertaken only with the protection of a condom.

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