February 16, 2017

Healthy Nails

Those are my personal tips for Healthy Nails which I want to share with you. There are 19 tips and 1 link.

  1. Modify diet according to post about “Diet for Nails”
  1. Eat jelly, gelatin improves nails condition and don’t forget about linseed
  2. Every day massage your nails with special cream for nails
  3. Keep nails 5-10 minutes in salty water
  4. Use olive oil as hand cream
  5. Use latex gloves during tidying up and washing with detergents
  6. Every time You washed hands use hand cream
  7. Moisturize skin near nails to prevent from becoming dry and crushed
  8. For washing hands use products without soaps, but rich in greasy components
  9. Don’t use your nails for opening things
  10. Limit using nail remover, don’t let for contact with epidermis
  11. If use remover choose only removers without acetone
  12. Take seriously irritations near nail plate in epidermis, if unhealed can cause bacterial or fungal infectious
  13. Don’t cut nails too short, because dust and bacteria will enter easy under nail plate and its risk of hurting and damaging your epidermis
  14. Let your nails to rest from nail varnish by few days
  15. During writing on computer use fingers, no nails
  16. Avoid metallic file
  17. Tools for manicure/pedicure should be clean and sterile
  18. Don’t cut skin from nail plate, but slide it with towel after shower
  19. Don’t eat your nails or nail plate


  1. Yep. Good ole jelly. And it’s delish.

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