February 15, 2017

Benefits of Doing Yoga in College

College life can be very demanding and stressful. Just imagine the number of homework, projects, research papers you need to accomplish not to mention the social gatherings and organization meetings you need to attend to. When your body is unable to handle stress, this could lead to many problems. So why not take care of your body? Yoga can definitely benefit you.

1. Yoga helps you gain focus. Did you know that yoga is very effective in helping college students like you gain balance and focus? Since it is a holistic practice, you can both develop your body’s strength and flexibility. This way, stress is minimized and in turn you gain inner peace and clarity of mind. With this activity, you will be able to focus more on your schoolwork and other tasks, thereby, making you a more productive student.

2. Yoga helps relieve stress. College students will have a better way of coping with stress through yoga. When you do yoga, your body’s secretion of catecholamine’s (hormones released by the adrenal glands due to stress) is decreased. Other hormones are also decreased which make you feel more peaceful. When you do yoga exercises, you also practice proper breathing, thus, making you feel more tranquil so tension is lessened.

3. Yoga helps students improve their body’s condition. Did you know that through yoga, getting rid of unhealthy eating habits becomes easier? With yoga, you can also sleep and rest better. In fact, yoga helps improve your body’s condition. The exercises aid in the proper functioning of your immune system, boosting your resistance against diseases.

4. Yoga helps students enhance their memory. When you study, you absorb a lot of information which can cause stress. Well, yoga is a good exercise not just for the body but also for the mind. There are yoga styles specifically intended for meditation and improving memory. When your memory is enhanced, you also get to absorb more of your lessons. In turn, you can also get better grades and perform better in academics.

As you can see, there are some great benefits of doing yoga in college. Whether you’d like to just take a few minutes to relax or you’d like to benefit from the exercise, there are some great perks to doing yoga.

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  1. College students have too much to do in short span of life. They need complete mental as well as physical well being to cope up with all extra stress and work.

    You can calm you down mentally as well as physically and help you to focus, take right decision, and run around to cope up with work.

  2. you can perform yoga at anytime. the best time to perform it is early morning hours ans late nights jsut beacause the sound will be less in the time also u can enjoy the climate . jut imagine… u wake up at 4.30 in the morning.. fresh up with cool water. drink a jug of water or as much as you can.open ur room window enjoy the wind…. listen to the birds. invite the smell of flowers in your garden.. u will get a mood and u feel energetic.then start yoga or exercise or sit down with silence and think a good thing and concentrate on it. think positive things.. ex: if its a exam day for you imagine that u well performed in the exam without anytension… this is naturally helps you.. you cannot perform anything in the day middle cos lot of disturbance will be there. if ur lucky to get privacy with silence you can do yoga at anytime. silence is god… hope u understand.. thanks

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