August 2, 2015

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Ayurveda life

Ancient Ayurveda: Using the Natural Rhythms of Life for Better Health

Sometimes ancient wisdom is the best. Modern scientific discoveries are showing the efficacy, and explaining the reasons why, some old Ayurvedic practices work. And, with more and more people becoming interested in health and longevity, organic eating, and living a simple lifestyle, it’s no wonder … [Read More...]

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museum of sex

Events with a Purpose: The Importance of Safe Sex

Before modern sexual education courses hit school curriculums, topics of condoms, STIs, and risky sexual practices were rarely discussed. And as as result, more people suffered … [Read More...]

What to Expect When Someone You Love Goes to Rehab

It is a hard truth that many people don’t want to face: recovery from addiction is a long series of “hard parts” that all get strung together and it is unlikely that things will go … [Read More...]


Can A Chiropractor Cure This?

Chiropractors often take pride in the way they treat different kinds of illness without using chemical medications. By stimulating pressure points along the spine, chiropractors … [Read More...]

Asbestos military

Pathways of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally in the environment. It is composed of thin threads that are highly resistant to heat, fire and chemicals, and it is also non-conductive. … [Read More...]