December 22, 2014

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Vital Life Wellnes Center Building

What is The Appropriate Wellness Program for You

“Women are like a bottle of good red wine: they get better with age”. Probably you know this old proverb, but the question is if are you able to say this about you? Living fast all the time under pressure, stressful lifestyle, less sleeping, a lot of home obligations, going for perfectionism, … [Read More...]

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Vertical Jump Training - Jumping Training

The Vertical Jump Training

Physical strength and endurance are key assets in any number of sports and being able to perform vertical leaps to the best of your ability, will definitely give you an edge. From … [Read More...]

Why Gardening Is Good For Your Health and Well Being

Show your green thumb to the whole world and enjoy the world of gardening. If you believe that you don’t have what it takes to be a successful gardener, think again. In this … [Read More...]

Life Zombie

Work – The Unsung Hero of a Healthy Life

Work – The Unsung Hero of a Healthy Life “What!!” It’s true. I know you don’t believe it but for about 30% of us, work is a life enhancing, health generating experience. For … [Read More...]

Top Injuries for Contractors to Watch Out for On the Job

Contractors Beware: Top Injuries to Watch Out for On the Job People who pursue jobs in the construction industry typically know beforehand that their careers will be physically … [Read More...]