February 21, 2017

Uncommon Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar – Everything in a Nutshell

Apple cider vinegar is a popular type of vinegar that is made from fermented apple juice. Usually, the apples are crushed to get the juice after which, a fermentation process is initiated to get alcohol. The alcohol is then converted to vinegar by an acetobacter, stored in wooden barrel to mature and form into a web like bacterial form. Apple cider vinegar is brown in color and it comes with many benefits. It can be used for medicinal purposes and other purposes at home. This is based on the fact that apple cider vinegar has immense ability to fight germs, viruses and bacteria of different types. Additionally, uncommon benefits of apple cider vinegar are derived from calcium, sulfur, iron, copper, phosphorus, chlorine and magnesium.

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Uncommon health benefits of apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used in the treatment of acid reflux. It works very well as a natural remedy for the condition despite its acidic taste. It is known to alleviate acid reflux or GERD symptoms after a short time. Additionally, it boosts your energy levels and alertness all day long. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with normal drinks during the day and at night to enhance effective treatment of acid reflux.

Apple acid vinegar is also used in the treatment of allergies. Pet allergies and puffy eyes can be managed efficiently with ACV. This is based on the fact that it has some of the best antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to clear off allergies and offer a glowing skin complexion. You only need to mix ACV with distilled water for treatment of allergies.

ACV is also known to enhance treatment of high blood pressure, lower LDL and blood sugar. It also helps to enhance weight loss in men and women. ACV has ability to flush out toxins in the body. It also enhances fat metabolism and helps to get rid of even the most stubborn fats deposited in different parts of the body. With enhanced fat metabolism, its acidic nature helps the body to burn more fats within a short span of time. This makes a natural and one of the most sensible weight loss products to settle for. Apple cider vinegar helps to cut down on the amount of carbs you take by day and its storage in the body thus, enhancing a healthy weight.

It is with no doubt that apple cider vinegar comes with many benefits. Today, it is available in different forms in the market including liquid and tablet forms. The liquid form is relatively cheaper and has a strong acidic taste. The pills on the other hand are excellent for health benefits and are available in a wide range of stores online and offline. However, ensure to choose a reputed store for quality ACV.

ACV is also an excellent remedy for warts. You can apply the vinegar on warts on daily basis. The warts will dissolve slowly and clear off after sometime.

For persons with arthritis, it is highly recommendable that you drink a glass of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of ACV. The remedy can be used before each meal for a period of 3 weeks to enhance effective treatment of arthritis. It offers instant relieve to pain.

ACV is known to be effective in curing an upset stomach. Take one cup of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of ACV as it offers instant relieve.

ACV offers instant relieve to pain caused by insect bites. When bitten by a mosquito or a bug,  apply the vinegar on the affected area using a cotton ball. More importantly, ensure you get the ACV straight from the bottle for instant relieve.

It also helps to prevent yeast infection. It is vital to douche with one tablespoon of ACV to one quart of warm water. This is because it helps to balance PH in the vagina and prevent yeast infection.

ACV cleans dentures. Soak dentures overnight and brush in the morning. It is also used to treat hiccups. Mix 1teaspoon in one cup of drinking water and take it.

ACV also helps to relieve a cold. Mix one quarter cup of ACV and a quarter cup of honey. Take 1tbspoon daily for 6 to 8 days to clear off your cold. It also helps to clear off a cough whether fresh or prolonged cough.

Other Uncommon Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • ACV Kills bacteria in meats. Marinate your meat overnight using one cup of vinegar.
  • It helps to remove stubborn stains from clothes and upholstery. Apply ACV directly to the stain and wash as instructed.
  • ACV kills unwanted grass at home. Pour it in between bricks and crevices.
  • If you love azaleas, then you can use apple cider vinegar to grow it. Mix one quart water to two ACV on azaleas soil because it grows well on acidic soil.
  • Helps to unclog soap and clean hoses from a washing machine. Use ACV once a month to clean your machine.
  • It kills germs in bathroom fixtures, cleans soap scum, cleans food stained pans and pots, prevents fading of colored clothes, removes perspirations stains from clothes and eliminates odors from used jars.
  • Used in cleaning windows, helps to unclog a showerhead and helps to prolong the life of flower vases.
  • ACV also helps to condition dry hair. Shampoo your hair and rinse off with one cup of ACV and 2 cups of water. It restores acid in hair and even adds highlight to brunette’s hair.

The Author loves to collect information about mind-blowing home remedy agents like ACV, which is a successful cure of many prominent issues like germs, rough hair, crevices & can also prove instrumental in flea bites treatment.

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