February 21, 2017

Treat a Winding List of Conditions with Great Benefits from Honey

Honey is perhaps one of the most underrated elements today. Many people take it without the slightest idea just how good it really is. Honey actually has a lot of healing properties, with researching proving that it works as anything from an antiseptic to an antioxidant, and everything in between. It also has body cleansing capabilities, and can treat a winding list of conditions.


Health benefits at face value

Honey has a lot of benefits, health based and otherwise, and the number is perhaps too large to properly exhaust. That said; there are some rather obvious health benefits, proven by extensive research worth mentioning.

  • Honey is a natural energy source; provides a rich supply of carbohydrates. It works as a natural energy booster that improves performance, reduces muscle fatigue and causes a substantial increase in endurance, especially for athletes.
  • Honey has no significant effect on blood sugar levels; contrary to popular belief, honey is not your typical sugar compound. Unlike other types, honey maintains the sugar levels in your blood at a fairly constant level.
  • As an antiseptic, honey is famous for its ability to fight infection, making it a very useful element in improving immunity.
  • Further afield, honey is also well versed as an anti-inflammatory agent. This is mainly due to the fact that it is very effective in reducing inflammation, and it does, as well have certain applications in treating scars and bruises.
  • If you take honey often, then you ought to know that honey is one of the best naturally occurring medicines for treating conditions that affect the G.I.T (gastro-intestinal tract). These include such problems as indigestion, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, gastroenteritis and many others.
  • For skin care experts, honey is a crucial ingredient in many beauty-care products. This is mainly because it has what is referred to as a hygroscopic effect. When used directly as a face mask, honey hydrates the skin by attracting moisture, keeping your face radiant and beautiful.
  • Direct ingestion also provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals-with calcium, iron, zinc and potassium all making the list.

Interesting facts About Honey!

The list goes on and on, and on!! It has microbial properties that fight such conditions as pimples and acne; it has anti-aging properties that keep you looking fresh off the shelf! Have you ever sat and wondered why some people ask for herbal based tea, and opt for honey instead of sugar when they have a cold? Well, those are the enlightened few. All the antimicrobial elements blend well to treat colds and coughs. Many have no idea why they do it, but after a few cups, they are as good as new. Most of the credit goes to the lemon grass, or herbal tea or whatever it is they use-and rightly so; but it is important to note that honey has a lot to do with the eventual result.

It is very common to see people applying honey on cuts and abrasions; this is mainly due to the fact that honey doesn’t just soothe the wound,  it hydrates the skin, and goes one better; it promotes tissue growth, which on a long term scale prevents scarring. It antioxidant property is also very useful when it comes to preventing cancer as well as other serious conditions. This element helps your body get rid of chemicals that destroy body cells, keeping you healthier for longer. There are also various variations of honey that act as a remedy for sleep disorders, yeast infection, halitosis (bad breath).

Many drug companies and holistic health experts are now taking research on honey to an entirely new level. It is also a very prevalent element in alternative medicine, used as a natural cure for just about anything!


 It would take a novel to exhaust every single benefit of honey; that goes without saying. Taking on an occasional dose of honey will drastically improve your overall health.

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