February 15, 2017

The Vertical Jump Training

Physical strength and endurance are key assets in any number of sports and being able to perform vertical leaps to the best of your ability, will definitely give you an edge.

From towering over an opponent for a slam dunk in basketball to a prodigious leap to return what your rival thought was a winning shot in your tennis match, the ability to perform a high vertical jump is going to give you a competitive advantage.

This infographic gives you a valuable insight into what are the key points in being able to perform and enhance your vertical jump ability and takes a look at the plyometric training exercises that are specifically engineered to go beyond your existing limits.

Persistence and dedication are just two of the vital attributes that you will need to possess in order to get the best out a plyometric training regime, especially when you consider that it takes about an average of 6-8 weeks before you really begin to notice the improvements.

Everything you need to know to improve your vertical jumping ability is right here, it is then down to you to put in the work to see where it will take you.

Vertical Jump Training - Jumping Training

Source: strengthsystems.com

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