February 15, 2017

How You Know You’ve Found the Real Thing

Your palms are sweating, your heart rate’s accelerating and you can’t stop thinking about that certain someone. Well stop there. That’s not love, it’s infatuation. Whilst this obsessive stage is an essential part of the courtship period, true love is a far rarer and more precious thing and is what will lead you to life-long commitments. Here are a few ways you can tell you’re really in love, whether you met on Indian dating websites or through friends…

Your Personalities Click

Although the phrase ‘you just know’ can be frustrating to hear, there is an element of truth in it. When you’re with the person you love there’s a certain chemistry and affinity you share which can’t really be put into words. This is as close as I can get: you get on, you understand each other and you find each other’s company very comfortable.

Their Flaws Are Endearing

If you’re in love with someone, you should not only to be able to identify all of their flaws but love them all the more for them. That dash of impatience, that habit of leaving the door slightly ajar – all of these irritations should also start to pull lightly on the heart strings.

You Can Be Completely Yourself

You should be able to be completely and utterly yourself with the person you love. Silly behaviour, childhood secrets, insecurities – all is confessed and accepted in the ideal relationship.

You Share a Multitude of In-Jokes

You also should share a sense of humour, finding the same things funny and developing many silly in-jokes as a result.

You Share Values

It’s essential that you have shared values in order to love someone completely. If you have very differing opinions on certain crucial subjects, having children for example, then there will always be a bit of doubt at the back of your mind. On some online dating websites such as eHarmony singles are matched right at the beginning based on values such as these.

You Can Imagine Having Children

You should be able to picture having kids with your partner if it’s the real thing. You may not see it happening any time soon, but you should be able to imagine a time in a future where it could be possible.

My Dad

You’re Willing to Make it Work

Finally and most importantly, if you’re with the person you really love you should be willing to stay with them no matter what. People break-up so often because in many cases it’s easier to split than make things work. But this is the nature of long-term commitments – you have to work at them. If you’re not prepared to do this then maybe you’re not in the right relationship.


Forget the world of romance and Walt Disney, true love is about much deeper concepts. But if you have all of the above, it looks like you’ve hit the bull’s-eye.

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