February 21, 2017

The Superfood Bandwagon: What is it and Why You Should Jump On

What is the superfood bandwagon? To answer that question, we need to know what a super food even is. With the amount of different food products and the massive levels of health marketing, it is crucial to know what classifies as a super food. The Macmillan dictionary defines a super food as “a food that is considered to be very good for your health and that may even help some medical conditions.” Here are some examples of specific super foods that are good for your health and are also delicious. Experts such as those at Dunn Orthodontics recommend jumping on the super food bandwagon to help your teeth.

Super Food


Blueberries are one of the stars in the super food arena. A nutrient packed fruit, blueberries also contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that potentially improve memory, protect the brain, decrease risks of cancer, decrease risks of heart disease and lower inflammation. Eat them raw by themselves, mix them into some organic pancake mix, or blend them into a fresh smoothie with yogurt.

Organic Pastured Eggs

Free range or pastured eggs are another solid choice if you intend to join the super food movement. They are relatively inexpensive and provide nine amino acids, naturally occurring B12 and choline (beneficial for your cardiovascular system, nervous system and brain). These eggs contain one of the highest qualities of protein that you will be able to find. It is best to eat them raw or close to raw i.e. poached or soft boiled. As long as you buy your pastured eggs from a reliable source, there should be no reason to worry about salmonella: the chickens that produce the organic eggs are much healthier than factory chickens.


While nuts in general are regarded as having superfood qualities, walnuts in particular are great for your health. Studies have found that those who ate nuts more than three times a week had a reduced risk of dying from cancer or cardiovascular disease. Walnut eaters are even less likely to have a mortality risk than generalized nut eaters. Walnuts are rich in fiber and contain iron, magnesium, and folic acid. They also are filled with vitamins B6 and E, zinc and potassium: all of these are great for teeth health. Throw some walnuts in your oatmeal or eat them plain. Your teeth will thank you.

After reading about the benefits of various super foods, it makes perfect sense to jump on the super food bandwagon.

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