February 21, 2017

Pole Dancing for Health and Recreation

Akin to belly dancing that has become something it was never meant to be, pole dancing is finding new meaning and avenues. The pole that is set up from the ceiling to the floor allows the woman to wriggle and bend her body and twist and turn it around, all the while maintaining her balance. This dance form offers a total body exercise. It combines vertical gymnastics and dance and provides a cardiovascular workout as well.

Pole dance

The pole dance as a form of exercise is growing in popularity and really tones up muscles. There are enthusiasts who claim to lose up to 420 calories during a one-hour session of pole dancing.  Pole dancing weight-watchers also say that the speed of weight loss is high and the results are evident very fast. It also helps the physical stretching of the body without giving a feeling of regular boring exercise. It is a great change for all those women who have become pretty bored of aerobic exercises and the same work-out routines. More women are thus opening themselves up to pole dancing.

Pole dancing classes

These days there are institutions offering classes in pole dancing. An online search or a local search will predictably lead to schools that teach pole dancing. You can opt to remain an amateur or even turn into a professional after taking pole dancing classes. Pole dancing can be performed alone and it is a great idea to incorporate pole dancing into your daily exercise routine. It helps an enthusiast to be in touch with their body as well as perfect the newly acquired skill.

Pole dancing equipment

Pole dancing equipment can be installed in the home gym. Of course, a spacious room is required for the purpose. With constant practice, higher levels of exercise can be attempted and one might even be able to offer classes for others to learn pole dancing. It can thus help an enthusiast to spin off a few dollars by the side while maintaining a high level of fitness. Pole dancing is also becoming part of exclusive all-women parties and is a great form of entertainment. It is a great activity for a girls’ night out together. It helps women shed some of the inhibitions, definitely a better alternative than alcohol for the purpose, and women can open up and celebrate their femininity to a great extent.  It looks like pole dancing for exercise and recreation is here to stay.


Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web and is writing on behalf of Pole Secrets who offer pole dancing classes essex and pole dancing classes as an enjoyable form of exercise and to help improve your fitness.


  1. Wow! Something I have never done before, but looks like it could prove to be an interesting adventure while shedding some ‘winter’ pounds :)

  2. You will get no complaints from me..bring on the poles..for health reason of course


  3. Being a fitness club owner, i was at Leisure Industry Week at the NEC. it amazed me how many stands, and how much conversation went on about pole dancing. It is a very active, great form of exercise and is gaining popularity fast.

  4. Angelique says:

    You seems to be an expert in this field, great article and keep up the good work, my buddy recommended me your blog.

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