February 16, 2017

Nordic Walking – Universal Exercise

Nordic Walking is a form of physical activity similar to a normal walking, with the difference that use poles. Poles makes very important difference that helps us a lot more activated muscles in the arms, shoulders and back.
Nordic walking is derived from Nordic cross country skiing. It was devised by the Nordic ski runners to maintain good condition in the summer time when there is no snow.
Also the advantage of Nordic walking is that can be implemented in most courts, in combination with nature and fresh air makes it very conducive to our health.
It is quite easy and simple to perform, but requires some time for learning and mastering basic techniques. Our advice is to consult professional or someone who is already engaged in this activity to learn the proper use of poles.

Due to its characteristics, Nordic walking is suitable for the development of strength and endurance, especially in the upper body.. By including a large number of muscles due to the use of poles, and spent the greater amount of energy, as opposed to normal walking. Some studies show that energy consumption in high speed increase of 20 percent of normal walking in the same speed, when walking speed increases, using the right techniques, we can spend and 45 percent more kcal. Activation of the cardiovascular system is larger, so the heart rate increased by 10 to 15 percent. This fact is particularly important for obese people who would be able to lose weight.

Using poles while walking and active participation of the arms and shoulders reducing the load on the lower extremities, especially the knee joints, hip and spine. This characteristic is important for people who have problems with the joints of the lower extremities (various injuries, after surgery, etc), because it optimize movement and reduce pain and risk of injury.
Usage of pols provides more stability because it increases the surface area of support and maintaining better balance while walking so the risk of fall is minimized.

Nordic walking benefits in numbers
– 40 – 45 percent better performance than walking
– 80 – 90 percent of body muscles are involved
– 20-45 percent calorie consumption increased
– 30 percent reduced impact on leg joints and the lumbar spine

Nordic walking in one sentence
– Universal safe way activity suitable for all age groups which increases the level of cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

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Poles height calculation
Your Height x 0.7 = Poles Height


  1. Jennifer says:

    Great article! I love Nordic walking. I train this activity once per week. Do You think enough? Or maybe should I do oftener?
    Love Your site! It’s very clever with always many ideas. Thanks!
    I expect some easier ways of exercises as walking, jogging… because my husband who is little overweight wants to start with Nordic but I don’t know if it’s good for him to start directly or what…. Please for advice.
    Best regards!

    • Wellbeing says:

      Hi Jenifer and Thanks for nice comment! Once per week is great but I would recommend you 2-3 times of activities per week. Don’t have to be 3 times N W you can do many other exercises and recreational sports. In next period I would start writing about walking, easy exercises sports as badminton, table tennis, biking tips, aerobics, gym, swimming …etc
      Your husband can start also N W and its ideal for beginners in some activities only you would have to show him how to use poles and this will need little time as I wrote in my post.
      Any further questions you can also give on our e mail address.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for fast answer. I have good bike and think it’s time to start using. I’m happy, because my husband wants activities, so good that he isn’t lazy :) We will bicycle, train Nordic walking in park, near lake. We love spring.
    Best regards from Spain.

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