February 21, 2017

Medical Innovations: Unique Treatments That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone around the world is concerned about healthcare. It could be a cold that’s preventing you from getting your work done or a more serious issue like diabetes which is hindering your promising career. Either way, healthcare is a major component in our lives that we all rely on.

Lucky for us, there are trained professionals in the field of medicine that focus solely on creating new medication and products for people to take to improve their wellbeing. Without medicine, our life expectancy would be shorter and we’d be relying on natural remedies and treatments to sustain our lives and get past difficult diseases and illnesses.

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In addition to staying healthy, we strive to improve our lives by taking proper medication for diseases and conditions that were once thought to be untreatable or considered a curse by our ancestors. Not only are our insides improving, but the outsides of our body have also become more accessible to improve. We have bionic limbs available now that tap into our nerves to stimulate movement, and we can even bring sight back to people that have lost it.

Technology and science have combined to create some of the most incredible treatments and solutions to human problems. Here are just some of these fascinating discoveries and what they could mean for the future of mankind.


Medical Marijuana Tablets

Marijuana has long been seen as a drug that brings no benefits and is only used as a stimulant to party and get high. However, public opinion about marijuana as a medicine has been rapidly changing over the past century. The main chemical in marijuana, THC, is known to induce the effects of a high. The THC chemical is what most people look for in marijuana when they want to get high, but there is also another chemical that has proven to be beneficial: CBD. Products like Endoca CBD isolate the “good stuff” in marijuana to use in other forms of medicine—the debate whether marijuana is good for you or not can finally be settled.

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Faecal Transplant

It sounds disgusting to place someone’s faeces into another person’s body, but it’s revolutionary treatment for certain infections in the colon and bowels. That’s not to say that the faeces themselves are the cure—far from it. You’re simply obtaining some of the helpful bacteria that help to break down food from one person to another. If you’re worried about needing a faecal transplant in the future, then fear not. Researchers have discovered ways to isolate the good bacteria so they can transfer just that instead of a whole piece of faecal matter. The only problem? It’s taken as a pill.

Bionic Eye

This sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s possible to restore sight to someone that can no longer use their eyes. A camera built into a pair of glasses feeds video data into a bionic eye implant which can then be used to display “sight” to the wearer. It’s been available in parts of Europe since 2011, and it has helped to restore the sight of many lucky individuals. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s enough for a person to regain independence after losing their vision.


  1. I’ve heard about CBD for the first time like a year or so ago and I placed my order almost instantly. This works very well for my social anxiety and I just love it, the world needs to learn about this asap!

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