February 21, 2017

Living well with vitamins for hair loss

Vitamins help treat lack of hair growth and provide essential nutrients in the battle to keep further fallout damage. They strengthen the hair follicles, making them healthier. Remember, a healthy diet also goes hand in hand with your battle for hair loss. Doubling up on fighting thinning hair and hair loss with the right vitamins and diet can only produce better results. Let us show you how certain vitamins are vital in fighting many of the underlying conditions that attribute to this condition.

Hair loss woman
It is normal to loose a few hairs each day so that new growth can spring forth. However, many people loose too much, causing worry and stress. The enemies of losing hair can involve problems that are not your fault, such as age, thyroid problems, medical treatments for illnesses that includes chemotherapy and radiation. Testosterone and estrogen cause hormone imbalance for men and women for thinning hair and lack of growth. Stress, some skin diseases, pregnancy, and taking certain medications also aide in unnecessary loss of hair.

We provide beneficial vitamins for hair loss and natural hair regrowth supplement that are safe to take. They not only aide in creating a healthy scalp environment for hair to grow, but they also nourish the body in other ways:

Our “Biotin” vitamins protects dryness which causes hair to break off. Biotin strengthens the cortex of the hair which produces it’s elasticity and it further produces keratin which we know strengthens hair follicles.

Choose “Vitamin A” as an antioxidant which creates a healthy sebum condition in the scalp and skin. Too much sebum causes oiliness which is not good because it could cause acne, and too little sebum causes dryness. Vitamin A releases just the right amount of sebum to thicken and strengthen hair strands which enable them to grow faster.

“Vitamin B5” or “Pantothenic Acid” helps to prevent hair loss by going deep into the hair follicles and cells to strengthen, as well as to fight dry scalp problems. Niacin is a natural antioxidant that produces the right amount of healthy sebum.

“Vitamins B6 and B12” keeps hair from falling out due to its ability to bind to the receptors of steroid hormones which blocks hair growth. As you can tell, it works with regulating hormones.

“Niacin” or “Vitamin B3” naturally promotes scalp circulation to create a healthy environment for hair to grow.

“Vitamin C” is what parents want their children to have more of because it is a natural antioxidant that produces healthier skin, hair, and it repairs and recreates tissues.

Vitamins are natural hair growth supplements without a lot of hair growing pills. If you have tried special thinning hair products and have not experienced any results, don’t give up and don’t stress out. Try using our high quality vitamins for hair loss, as well as our natural har regrowth supplement and you will soon see the hair results you’ve been waiting for. Hair is made of natural protein which requires additional proteins, like meats, dairy, and vitamins to help produce more growth or more hair growth. We are proponents of drinking plenty of water, so with your vitamins drink a glass of water to nourish the body.

The vitamins that we offer can be further enhanced with a diet that also offers their benefits. Let’s look at protein enriched foods and what they contain to help hair grow:

o eggs, almonds, salmon, wheat bran, avocados, low fat cheese (contains biotin)
o bananas, oats, raisins (contains silica, a mineral that thickens hair)
o dark green vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, asparagus, pumpkin, and carrots (contain Vitamins A and C)
o legumes contain iron for protein growth, giving hair sheen and strong.
o fruit like strawberries and citrus fruits (contains Vitamin C)

Other beneficial foods that address thinning hair are zinc rich choices like oysters, crab, clams, liver, wheat germ and nice lean beef. These food contain zinc which is a mineral that regulates androgens. Androgens are natural hormones, but if they are too low, they become an enemy to hair growth. In moderation, about a teaspoon a day, vegetable oil is a fatty product that is beneficial for shiny hair.

We carry top trusted brands in vitamins for hair loss and natural har regrowth supplement at great prices. See our wide selection of products that will give you the healthier life that you deserve. Our wide range of healthy vitamins and products will help take care of the whole family. We believe in a better and new you. Stay up-to-date with our new vitamin products by subscribing to our newsletter. Follow us on our social media partner web sites.

I’m very passionate about heath issues, especially about hair loss. I wish to share my thoughts and experienced in hair loss by sharing proven and clinically tested products because both men and women can experience this scary incidence of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. In my case, I thought I was going bald but successfully overcame it when I tried using Reloxe.



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    Vitamin B3 truly works wonders for the betterment of the Hair Scalp.. Fish is the ultimate option for it..


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