February 21, 2017

Just Got Into Sport? Get Your Health In Check For Success

Sports are great, whether it is a team sport or a single sport like tennis. They promote socialising, exercise and are a brilliant addition to any kind of healthy lifestyle. But how can you be successful? What are the best possible ways to ensure your body can cope with the rigours of the new sport, primarily so you can compete at a good level but also so you don’t embarrass yourself. There are many ways which can help you get into shape for your sport, here are a few to get you started.


Kick The Addiction

Addictions are debilitating to any kind of sport or exercise you do. If you do kick any kind of addiction then there will be a recovery process from alcohol and drug use, it will be tough, but one of the best things you ever decide to do. Things like smoking can severely impact upon lung capacity, meaning you won’t be able to last long in a football match for example. Getting rid of these addictions can really improve not only your performance but also your general well being and give you a better quality of day to day life.

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Exercise Outside Of The Sport

If you think playing the sport once a week is enough to keep you fit and at a key competitive level then you’re wrong. You’ll need to exercise outside of the sport to ensure you get fit and up to scratch. One of the better ways of doing this is by going for runs. Increasing your cardiovascular capacity is the best way to prep for sport as it means you can last longer without tiring out. Cycling or swimming are also great for your heart and can drive you into shape alongside the general exercise from the sport.


Check Your Diet

When exercising you need to should also consider your diet, a better diet means you lose some weight which in turn makes you better at the majority of sports because you’ll be more agile and harder to catch. It will also help you in terms of energy. Fatty, stodgy food will do nothing but impede your performance whereas lean healthy food will give you the energy you need to succeed and last a whole game without giving out. Diet and exercise in unison are a potent mixture which can see you excel.


Sort The Problems Out

If you have any niggling issues like a bad calf or dodgy knee then you should get them seen to by a professional. Otherwise you could make them worse and end up in a situation where you can’t play the sport again for fear of exacerbating the issue. Sometimes physiotherapy can do the trip as manipulation of joints and bones can ease out any trapped nerves or wounded muscle but in other cases you may need further help in the form of surgery or advanced treatments. Don’t play again until the issue has fully subsided or you’ll 100% make it worse. Only by being careful can you become proficient at the sport.


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