February 16, 2017

Happiness is The Secret to Well Being


Happiness is the only measure of success

When was the last time you were so busy doing something that you lost count of time? When you are totally absorbed in an activity, time seems to fly. When you are doing something boring time seems to stand still. This is called relativity. Fun times seem short while doing dreary stuff seems to take an eternity.

Study after study has shown that people who like their job are the happiest and healthiest. The most surprising thing about it is that money has nothing to do with it. A lowly accountant can find pleasure in his work while a glamorous model with looks, money and the world at her feet, may commit suicide. Look at what happened to Amy Winehouse?

Can money bring happiness?

Yes and no. Money is no doubt important and without it we are bound to be miserable. But how much of money is enough? There are many out there who have slogged through their lives, accumulated and amassed wealth but look back at their lives and feel cheated.

Most have never stopped to enjoy a sunset by the mountains; many have never known the fragrance of a rose; never exulted in sheer excitement of a football goal. At the end of the road money has little value. You can’t take your wealth with you when you are no longer alive. For how long can you live on Medifast coupons and Nutrisystem discounts?

What are your goals?

Most of us have a confused sense of what we want to achieve. As a result, we keep shifting our goal posts. Imagine changing your destination every hour. You are sure to land up where you never wanted to be. This is exactly what’s happening to our lives. We have certain goals and ideals when we are young and rearing to go. Unfortunately due to the frustrations of our daily lives, we tend to forget our lofty goals and ideals. Instead we fall into a rut. Finding your true goals can become difficult. We have to be shaken from our lethargy to get back to track. For most of us this jolt doesn’t come at all. We must consciously realign our lives constantly to be on track.

Ultimately it all boils down to happiness

This is the moment of reckoning. Are you happy with your life? Happiness is not a big bang event. It’s more like constant music in the background. It is soothing, yet it doesn’t interrupt your life. It is a lullaby which makes you go to sleep. It’s a song, a dance and joy of living. Obviously, to achieve this level of consciousness we must always endeavor to do what we truly desire. We have to be in tune with the song of life. This means harmony and balance. Money is only one part of the whole. The other major chunk of happiness lies elsewhere.


Take a look at yourself and frankly answer this one question – What would give you everlasting joy and pleasure. What would delight you most? Once you have answered these two questions you are on your way to happiness. Nothing else matters.

S. Srinivasan is a passionate blogger, thinker and philosopher. Besides he also writes about diet and weight loss programs that offer  medifast discount and nutrisystem discount coupon.






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