February 16, 2017

Don’t combine the following food

Sometimes popular food shouldn’t be combined, because one product impedes absorption substances from second product, because of containing special enzymes or acids. It’s important in some disorders to remember this, f.e. in painful joints, anemia or problems with thyroid.

Below examples:

1. Cucumber and tomato or paprika- enzyme ascorbinase contained in cucumber oxidizes vitamin C in tomato or paprika. This connection is popular used in salads. It’s not problem, only if we eat lots of different products rich in vitamin C.

2.  Cottage cheese and tomato- it seems like great combination for breakfast, but truth is different. Acids contained in tomato as: citric, malic, coumaric connect with calcium from cottage cheese. After longer term diet will arise crystals which will accumulate in joints giving pain.

3. Tea and yeast-cake- cake is rich in vitamin B1 and lots of minerals; tannins from tea act on gastrointestinal mucosa and impedes absorption these substances and damages vitamin B1, so better to choose another drink or prepare very weak extract of tea.

4. Cheese and meat- phosphor contained in cheese impedes absorption of zinc from meat.

5. Mushrooms and alcohol- proteins from mushrooms will not be digested.

6. Red meat and tea, coffee or vine- limited absorption of iron, vitamins B and magnesium. Red meat is richest in iron, has much more best absorbed iron than spinach. After dinner better to wait 1h and than drink tea, vine or coffee.

7. Fish and broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage- limited absorption of iodine. Important in problems with thyroid.

8. Coffee and milk- acids contained in coffee impedes digestion of proteins coming from milk.

9. Eggs and potatoes- limited absorption of calcium and iron.

It’s not going that we can’t eat these food, only important is to remember these informations and if we will eat some product which will ¬†limit absorption some mineral, we have to supplement this one or to avoid these connection in disorders.


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