February 21, 2017

Benefits Of Eating A Wheat Free Diet

When we think about staying healthy, it is mainly comes down to controlling your diet. Prevention is the best cure because it helps us develop a strong immune system and hence a healthy lifestyle.

There are many advantages of a wheat free diet which includes:

  • Avoiding celiac disease
  • Better liver conditions
  • Less fat

Today there are so countless products that are wheat based and if we start cutting out all those items that contain wheat, you would think that we would only be left with fruits, vegetables and some gluten free items. Fortunately we are not that short of choices because there are actually quite a lot of alternatives that have no wheat at all, which includes things such as rice and rice based pasta just to name a few. When you are careful about consuming less wheat, you will start to notice the following changes.

Controlled Blood Sugar

Wheat is a major contributor to sugar levels in our blood stream. If we control our intake of wheat, we will also have controllable levels of blood sugar, which can help prevent diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Celiac
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Fatty liver
  • Obesity

This happens because when certain types of glucose break down, they enter our blood stream. It is important that our blood stream has the levels of sugar under control otherwise we will find that we are short of insulin. Insulin is used to break down sugar that is made by pancreas and a shortage of insulin can lead us to diabetes and also possibly gluten intolerance – that consequently makes our lives a lot difficult.

Healthy Body

Avoiding a lot of sugar will actually help us to eat less food. This is because when we eat sugar, we can quickly become addicted and find out ourselves eating just to curb the sugar cravings – not because we need sustenance. But cutting back on wheat and sugar based products you will find that you have less desire to eat large amounts of food, and there are quite a few whole grains that are healthier alternatives. This way you will not gain too much sugar in your body or the fat.

Choice for Better Alternatives

The alternatives that we get to eat on a wheat free diet are dishes that are based on fruits, vegetables, rice and fresh meat.

These foods provide natural energy and can be found year-round, so you won’t have any problems with supply. The benefits of eating a wheat free diet greatly outweighs the positives of following a largely western diet full of white carbs and processed foods, so if you are feeling lethargic it could quite possibly come down to the amount of wheat you are eating – but you should always consult a doctor or health professional before making major changes to your diet.


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