February 15, 2017

Beans Are Good for Your Heart! 3 Healthy Ways to Incorporate Beans into Cooking

High cholesterol is viewed as one of the more serious health problems people have today. However, it is a component that can be elevated or lowered through the food that is consumed each day. But what can be done to lower cholesterol? Well, it’s time to learn how to cook!


Cooking can help people eat healthier. If you want to avoid cholesterol problems, learn to cook with healthy ingredients, such as beans and legumes. If you are a fan of beans, you may find that they can actually work to lower your cholesterol. What is the reason for this?

One of the reasons why beans work so well to combat high cholesterol is because of the way in which they reduce LDL cholesterol—the “bad” type. Since beans are typically rich in fiber, the human body can use said fiber in order to reduce blood cholesterol, thereby promoting better health. If you are looking for ways to effectively utilize beans in your diet, there are a couple of methods that those learning about cooking can pick up on.

Here are just three simple dishes that are worth your time.

1. Salad. Those who are new to the realm of culinary arts might find that salads are simple enough to create. However, if you want to get the most out of your salad, incorporating beans could prove useful. It’s clear that there will be a greater source of fiber included, but one of the other reasons why this is recommended is because of how varied salads are. Seeing as how everything from croutons to tomatoes can be added, it would be safe to assume that beans are not out of the question, either.

2. Soup. Another simple dish that beans can be added to is soup. In particular, I recommend chickpea soup, not only because of the fiber content of chickpeas themselves, but their high protein content. What this means is that they are able to satiate your hunger much better, keeping you fuller for longer and preventing you from reaching for snacks that your diet doesn’t need. Seeing as how it is very easy to overeat, the addition of chickpeas in soup can bring about a fulfilling – not to mention tasty – option.

3. On their own. While this might not be the most creative option, there are a number of bean options that can actually work well alone, as long as the proper preparation methods are set in place. You can cook them, but you want to make sure that you have a certain cooking oils on hand. While olive oil is viewed as one of the healthier options, the idea of which oil is best is up for debate. In any event, it’s in your best interest to add smaller amounts of water periodically to the pot so that the beans can be prepared evenly. If you keep these points in mind, your beans will be good to eat.

These might seem like simpler food ideas, and, to certain extents, they are, but this does not mean that everyone is familiar with basic culinary arts. All people can benefit from a few lessons in healthy food preparation from popular cooking schools in New York. Culinary courses can help teach people about the benefits and tastes of certain ingredients and they will help you become more comfortable cooking healthier meals. While beans won’t be the only ingredients you’ll work with, they are a great way to incorporate fiber and protein into a healthy meal.


*Photo Credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/40/Bean_vvs.jpg

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