February 15, 2017

Acne Home Remedies Revealed

Home Remedies for Acne Revealed

The word acne can mean many different things to people of all ages. To some it is an annoying pimple right before the big date, others constantly struggle acne daily, and maybe for the select few, acne is just something to laugh about.



  • About 80% of people have some form of acne during their lives.
  • The remaining 20% are just lucky.
  • The 80% of people who deal with acne usually have tried some method of an acne home remedy.
  • People have tried almost anything; lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, toothpaste, and almost anything you can think of.
  • While some of these remedies will kill the bacteria acne vulgaris , you can be sure that these home remedies are  also having harmful effects for your skin.
  • However not all home remedies are so bad, and some can really help to improve your skin.

Lets take a look at what home remedies have the best health benefits on our skin.

An important thing to consider when trying home remedies home is that treating acne requires a little bit of foreknowledge. This means that trying random and convenient products in your bathroom is usually a bad idea. Another bad idea is trying to scratch or pop pimples. Usually it leaves you pushing the infection in deeper resulting in acne lasting longer, and being more painful. It is very important not to make an attempt to physically remove pimples. Having a little bit of foreknowledge can give you a big head start treating acne, because making mistakes that lead to deeper infections is that last thing that you want to do.

So which home remedies work the best?

That question honestly depends on what you are looking for. For short term immediate relief, things similar to citric juices work great. The only problem is acidic based items can also damage your skin. So as soon as you stop using these products, skin that is flaky and damaged is prone to become infected with acne. While this might be a good solution to acne before a big dance, or date, the ultimate goal is to rid yourself of acne all together. While this may be a little bit more challenging but will have many long term benefits.
If you are trying to achieve the perfect physique, you don’t just go to the gym one time and expect to be in great shape. The same goes for skin health. When treating your skin the natural way you have to attack the problem from all different angles, and at the source. Acne is caused by a combination of many things. This includes stress which increases oil production, lake of hygiene, poor diet, and poor overall health. This is something that many acne professionals won’t tell you. While there are many acne treatments that can work great, they have to be used as another tool to help clear acne, and not just a magic pill to solve all of your problems. Acne treatments are an important part to clearing acne, but they also will not help your poor diet, health, and overwhelming stress.

The best home remedy comes in 4 different steps.

  1. First is relieving stress. Stress is a key contributor linked to increased oil production. You can find endless ways to relieve stress such as taking a break, taking a nap, having some fun, taking a vacation, and many more. They most convenient, and cost effective way to relieve stress is exercise. That way you improve health, and relieve stress.
  2. The second step to effective home remedy is proper diet. While diet is not a direct connection to acne, it indirectly affects weight gain, stress, and health. These are all key contributors to acne. Having a healthy diet can go a long way into helping your acne. Food groups like vegetables, fruit, and yes, even meats are all healthy. Try to avoid starches and complex carbohydrates.
  3. The third thing for proper home remedy is proper hygiene. Feel free to use various acne washes, along with daily showering, especially after exercise.
  4. Finally the last step is following a routine. To beat acne in the long run you have to constantly be practicing the same healthy habits. A slip up is only a set back. While it may be hard at first to practice a routine, soon it will become like second nature, and the benefits will definitely pay off.

Home remedies come in many shapes and sizes. Some home remedies are designed to work instantly, and some might not work at all. Most of us experience acne at some point, so don’t feel like an outcast. Remember some home remedies may work instantly, but beating acne is a long term project. Follow the steps to relieve stress, eat right, stay clean, and practice these ideas daily. Attacking acne from many different angles is the best home remedy. Be a little patient and sooner than you think clear skin is obtainable.

This article was written by Alyssa Jacobs.

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