February 21, 2017

5 Secrets Ingredients to a Healthy Long Life

This world is a rat race and because of this many people divert with overstress at work and at home. A common picture we see are those that work in a typical office setting – sits on most hours, stays up late to meet a deadline, smokes a cigarette or two on breaks, alcohols on Friday nights, junk food loading and many others. This occurs all too often that it becomes a routine and it’s too late before we notice that we’ve worn out our bodies.

It’s important for us to take a good look on our lifestyles and decide what’s important. If we want to stay long in our chosen careers, it’s of utmost relevance that we invest on the very thing that makes “doing” possible –our bodies. The necessary of living healthy has been reiterated several times to us even in grade school, and these basics remain to be true up to now.

Our target has to be for our bodies and to be “holistically” in its top condition. While there are many secrets shared over time, I have come up with 5 that may work best and cover all aspects to the secret of having a healthy long life.


1. Decide to Begin Now

The first and single most important secret is to decide to begin now. Nothing beats setting our minds to want something. We have to accept within us that we want change in our lifestyle, to end the bad and keep up the good. If we realize the value of health, we can move on from there and start little steps to meet goals. The earlier in life we begin, the better our chances of achieving our best level of wellness.

2. Our Food Choices

This is where everything starts – proper diet. A healthy choice of food is key to actually being healthy. Limiting, or if possible, eliminating poor food choices is one step to a long life. Foods with relatively high levels of fat, salt and sugar should be substituted with a diet that’s high in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating at the right time, decreases the chances of poor snack choices like chips and soda.

A full meal gives us the feeling of satiety and is better than skipping meals and eating small, low –quality carbohydrates that makes us full but also gives us those unwanted extra pounds. In any given meal, we have to pick:

a) Choice part of the meat,
b) A serving of vegetables and/or fruits,
c) Quality carbohydrate source like wheat bread and the like.

Drinking adequate amount of water is also invaluable. Commonly we hear that consuming those 6-8 glasses each day is enough, but I say we take more than that. Water keeps our tissue hydrated and promotes elimination of unwanted toxins.

3. Get Enough Exercise and Sleep

We also have to dedicate some part of our day for exercise. It does not necessarily have to be some heavy sort of exercise, just enough to keep our blood circulating. Movements make our muscle healthy, strong and toned. Consistent exercise increases our stamina and prevents easy tiring, thus allowing us to do more. Exercise also prevents unwanted weight gain. Walking for some 30 minutes each day is enough to keep those muscles from withering.

We also have to get adequate rest and sleep at the end of a tiring day. It is advised that we have an average of 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day for an adult. Sleep allows our body to regain strength and repair body tissues.

4. Get High with Endorphins

Endorphins are hormone-like substances produced by the body that serves as neurotransmitters. Studies show that they are beneficial in decreasing stress and are natural pain killers. Laughing releases endorphins, exercise and having an orgasm after sex are also among the activities that give us a natural high.

Being happy is healthier than being sad or angry and having a healthy long life also root from being emotionally and psychologically fit. Anger, for one is bad for our health. It increases body tension and adds extra workload for our hearts.

5. Keep Some Good Company

Most bad habits come from being influenced. Smoking and drinking alcohol are social activities. There is a greater chance for one to be a smoker or an alcoholic when surrounded by peers who share the same liking for activities like these. Although I do not want to underestimate the power of self-control but things like these do happen. Smoking is extremely bad for our health. It is addictive and when one starts on it. It’s quite hard to get unhooked. A strong support system would be beneficial in seeking all these lifestyle changes.

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