February 21, 2017

5 Psychological Reasons to Go Green

Partaking in efforts of becoming increasingly environmentally friendly isn’t just trendy. In fact, going green has some psychological motivations that are provoking people across the nation to reduce their carbon footprint. Grasping a more sustainable lifestyle in order to protect Mother Earth is a noble reason to recycle or ride your bicycle to work instead of fueling up the SUV. But additionally, powerful psychological motivators are sparking green efforts to spread rapidly, offering tangible benefits that can be experienced right away even as important environmental results take longer to observe.

Change = Change

Saving money is an important aspect that can be a commanding motivator that can prompt many to partake in actions that normally may not seem attractive. Shutting off lights and unplugging electronics from outlets when not in use seems like a good idea but can often be forgotten amongst busy schedules and chaotic lifestyles. On the other hand, it may become much easier to remember to save electricity when it affects your budget and ultimately influences a budget.

Making changes that can positively affect the environment and create a healthier surrounding world can seem overwhelming when the benefits are not viewed easily and simply measured. On the other hand, it can be inspiring to observe the fruits of our green labor by watching the savings appear within a bank account or witnessing a shrinking grocery bill.

Impassioned Petitions

As emotional beings, one of the greatest ways of provoking change and desire within us is by appealing to our emotions. Pictures of oil drenched animals affected by oil spills or foreign countries filled with trash laden living areas inhabited by small children are environmental pleas that evoke the desire within us to change how we live in order to see change among emotionally charged situations. Emotions like guilt, sadness and compassion can be a powerful way for our attention to be turned toward vital issues that require change in order to experience improvement.

Healthy Transformations

Despite the struggles we may endure to make truly healthy choices for ourselves and our families, the appeal of being healthy is undeniable. In fact, marketers have begun to grab the attention of consumers everywhere with the mere mention of healthy benefits and side effects of an array of goods and products. Highlighting the fact that living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can ultimately result in a healthier you and a healthier family is a profoundly motivating aspect of growing green trends.

Supporting Facts

Among countless advertising, gimmicks and marketing ploys, convincing consumers to partake in a movement or behavior can sometimes be a difficult task that requires more than mere words and pleas. Instead, some of us may need actual data, graphs, figures and simple proof to show why we should begin transforming current behavior in exchange for new, often more complicated and time consuming actions. Facts supporting the importance of reducing one’s carbon footprint can be more convincing than making consumers feel like they’re being told what to do without reason or rhyme.

Comfort in the Familiar

Although most of us would love to be considered individuals, who think and act separately, the truth of the matter is that we often follow the trends and actions of others. If the neighbor sets out her green bucket filled with recyclables, we may feel more comfortable separating our own glass, plastic and aluminum for curbside pickup. When others around us are already completing particular actions, such as becoming greener, and we become more familiar with them, it can be more comfortable to hop on board and join the movement.


Jamie enjoys writing about the different ways to manage life’s challenges. She is a college professor and a licensed counselor in Houston. Jamie has been helping women and adolescent girls deal with depression, anger, grief and more for nearly a decade.

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