February 15, 2017

Winter Jogging: Benefits And Harms Of Jogging In Winter

Running is a great cardio workout that reduces the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. And yet it is extremely useful for musculoskeletal system. Running allows you to keep yourself in shape, develop self-control, passion, determination and will power. However, there is some difference between Jogging in the winter and in the warmer time of the year.

Winter Jogging

The contents

  • Winter Jogging
  • Harm in jogging in winter
  • Tips and rules for Jogging in the cold


Winter Jogging

Benefit from running on the street in winter is much more than training in the summer. As you know, in cold weather the volume of gas in the air is significantly reduced, resulting in the lungs gets larger amount of molecules of oxygen than when breathing at a higher temperature.

In addition, the ice crystals act as ionizer air, contributing to better assimilation of oxygen and ease of breathing. But as known, oxygen is involved in redox reactions in the body and without it is impossible to synthesize ATP – the main “energy” of all living creatures on the planet.

The benefits of Jogging in winter are that such a good exercise strengthens the body, boosts immune function and improves health. It increases self-esteem, because Jogging has a positive effect on the appearance and allows you to get in shape when having problems with excess weight.


Harm in winter running

Jogging in winter on the street has both benefit and harm. The latter primarily is associated with the risk of injury on slippery surfaces, but this is only possible if a runner is improperly equipped.

When the air temperature is below -15 ° C, It increases the risk of overcooling of the respiratory system, resulting in serious disease. However,

These problems can be avoided by learning to breathe correctly and protect the mouth from the mask.

Winter jogging necessarily requires a warm-up, otherwise unprepared muscles and tendons in the cold is easier to injure, for example, tuck the legs.

In addition, the experts recommend least polluted parks for jogging in winter, parks, forest plantations and etc., but in the winter it gets dark early, and the morning is in no hurry to attack, but to jog in dark all alone from psychological point of view, the risk of injury increases.

However, if you have good company or a reliable four-legged friend, you can put on the head torch and go for a jog at any time convenient for you.


Tips and rules for Jogging in the cold

When running in the winter shoes you need to choose the one which would have:

  • Soft sole with shock absorbing effect;
  • A raised tread pattern;

This will ensure better adhesion to the surface of the earth. In icy conditions it is recommended to equip spikes, especially if you plan to not to run a straight road, but on the bumps, hills.

The surface of sneakers or boots must be waterproof.

As for the presence of fur, it is not necessary, because in such shoes feet sweat quickly and staying in it will not be very comfortable. It should have enough wool lining. But the insole must be removable so they can be pulled out and dried.

Clothing for running in winter should consist of three layers. The first is thermal underwear: tights and turtleneck, or long claw well. The second layer is a hoodie, jumper or sweater. But the task of the third layer is for wind protection.

In principle, the alternative to the trench coat can be lightly insulated jacket with windproof membrane, especially if the outside temperature is low. Lightweight vest feathers are also a good solution in a fairly decent weather. It is important to protect your hands and face.

If you cannot buy special sports gloves, ordinary woolen mittens will help. On the head wear mask equipped with slits for eyes and mouth.

That’s the whole outfit. It is very important to follow the breath, inhaling air through the nose and in the same way exhaling. This would prevent the overcooling of the nasopharynx and improve the quality of jogging. Good luck!

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