February 21, 2017

Well Being Tips is now Featured on Alltop Health Category

I’m very pleased to announce our readers and authors that we’ve been accepted on Alltop.com in health category.

What is alltop.com?

For those who doesn’t know alltop.com is site where you can find all best sites and blogs in that category f.e. Health, Tech, News … and many more. Sites and blogs are featured on one page in matching category. Its important to know that inclusion is done by alltop team and thy don’t include everyone.  So imagine to have the latest news and posts from all best (all top) sites and blogs in one single page? Yes that’s possible on alltop.com

Also you can make your own page on my.alltop.com and add sites and blogs by your choice.

Big thanks to Alltop team.



  1. Congrats, that’s a great feat! Have you noticed any increase in referral or search traffic because of it?

    • Hi Wes. Thanks! As my tools say 3 to 5 people per day :)
      Health is big and competitive category so there are many other blogs.
      Are u on alltop.com?

      • That’s great.

        Yeah, it’s a big category, and as you would expect for any newly added site – they’ve listed you down below several others.

        Either way that’s fantastic just to get listed, and it should definitely help organically as Google recognizes your site in there and starts to give you credit for it.

        No, I have never requested to be in there. I only post about once per month, so I didn’t think it was appropriate to request inclusion just yet.

        • Yes i think same that biggest benefit is for SE.
          Maybe you are right, if not post so often to not ask for inclusion, but Im sure that when you will want to enter the door will be open for you.

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