February 22, 2017

Weigh Your Feelings


Do you complain? Does it help you to feel better? Probably it can’t help, so it’s time to finish this complaining, because you will follow negative feelings to your surrounding. Try to find in every moment something positive and keep good mood even if through window is cloudy or raining.


Take small papers in two different colors – f.e. yellow and dark blue.

During day look at your feeling and every feeling write on small paper – positive feelings on yellow paper and negative on dark blue, and next attach to fridge or cork board.

Examples of feeling: happy, amazed, proud, sad, crying, stressed, disappointed.

After day, in evening you will see what feelings were with you during day.

If you will have mostly positive feeling, it is very nice and good for your health, but if you will see on board mostly negative feelings, then you have to change this habit and finish with complaining.

Follow nice, positive feelings and share with people with great mood! It will be back when you will need in some weak moment.



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