February 16, 2017

Thinking Pink: The Best Products to Support Cancer Research

When a family member or friend has gone through the agony of breast cancer, you want to do whatever possible to support them. Sometimes, it can be as simple as just being there to listen to their story or going out to dinner for a night of relaxation with them. However, you may find it compelling to support your loved one in a completely different way – by helping to find a cure. A person can accomplish this simply by supporting the research for a cure by purchasing items in which some or all of the funds go towards cancer research and awareness. There are several items that donate a significant portion of their profits to Cancer Awareness.

Yoplait yogurts have committed themselves to finding a cure for breast cancer. The company teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 2001. Every year, they ask their consumers to mail back their pink lids from the Yoplait yogurts that they purchase and for every lid they receive the company will donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The movement is called “Save Lids to Save Lives” and has resulted in the company donating over $25 million over the course of a 12-year span.

Another wonderful product that many people proudly adorn themselves with are the Breast Cancer Awareness Wristbands by the company Choose Hope. The company donates thousands of dollars per month to go towards cancer research. Each month, they post how much money has been donated through them for research and are constantly providing their consumers with new research information and press releases to show that their contribution is truly making a difference.

Also, the Avon Foundation for Women has made great strides in research and educating women about their breast health since 1992. Avon sells everything from watches, bags, clothing, and totes, in which the proceeds are donated to help fund breast cancer research. Avon knows the importance of early detection when it comes to breast cancer. They have donated almost $200 million to cancer research from their merchandise and donations.

People are always looking to do their part in making the world a better place for others. By purchasing these simple and great products, you can make a difference in others lives and help them find a cure for this disease. By participating in the good that these companies are doings, you can easily change the life of someone who is suffering from breast cancer. Building Cancer Awareness is an important part of finding a cure. Whatever a person can do to help put our world one step closer to success.



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