February 16, 2017

Smoking and Wrinkles – Finding the Relation

The pretty girl at your workplace truly admires you and you too have a crush on her. But all this was prior to knowing that you secretly enjoy the fags of your favorite cigar. All the love and admiration for you has vanished due to your unattractive looks. Research studies have revealed that smoking wrecks your looks and can make you look much older than you are. Findings confirm that puffing on a cigarette causes skin to age prematurely and it also results in facial wrinkles.

Elderly wrinkled woman smoking a cuban cigar in the streets of Havana.
Despite rising cigarette prices and smoking bans in public places, there has not been any significant decline in the number of people who smoke. Some of the major signs found in smokers include bad breadth, abrasive voice and wrinkles. Kicking the bad habit of smoking will help you have a radiant, glowing skin. Blood vessels present in the farthest layers of the skin are thinned down due to smoking. This obstructs blood flow into the skin, causing deficiency in oxygen and essential nutrients. Here are a few reasons why you must ditch the cigar for a youthful skin.

  • Smoking causes extensive harm to the two fibers namely collagen and elastin that offer vitality to skin.
  • Did you know the fact that the facial expressions you make while puffing on a cigarette like pressing together your lips while breathe in and narrowing your eyes while exhaling the smoke can lead to facial wrinkles?
  • Those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have greater chances of developing wrinkles in comparisons to non-smokers. According to research findings, people who smoked often are at an increased risk of developing wrinkles at an earlier age.
  • Smoking makes your skin appear dull and it loses its glow.
  • Discoloration of skin is another major problem that is caused by excess smoking. Hydrogen cyanide, nicotine and butane are the major constituents in a cigarette that cause harm to the skin. Besides this carbon monoxide and ammonia present in cigarettes is responsible for skin discoloration.
  • Most smokers have deeper wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, which make you, look unattractive.
  • The body’s ability to store vitamin A is reduced due to smoking. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that guards skin from damage.

Instead of wasting enormous amounts on facial treatments, it is better to ditch the cigar, which will only require positive thinking and a little motivation. Give it a thought today to quit smoking for gorgeous looking skin. You can also use Lifecell cream with all natural ingredients for that extra glow.

Jenny Williams is an avid blogger, who writes about beautifying skin through natural remedies, wellness practices and using best anti aging cream. Besides writing, other things that fascinate her are fashion and reading. Jenny is very particular about her writing and wardrobe. Reading is not a mere hobby, but a gratifying experience for her.

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