February 21, 2017

Oxydermabrasion – New Trend in Cosmetology

Oxydermabrasion – it’s water-oxygenic peeling.

Treatment is similar to microdermabrasion and it’s done with using stream oxygen under pressure with physiological salt. It’s performed on wet and cold.

Oxydermabrasion exfoliates dead cells, cleanses skin and delivers oxygen. Results depend from depth- treatment done on surface,  shallow will refresh skin and smooth, done deeper will help for discolorations and scars after acne.

Oxydermabrasion can be connected with mesotherapy or AHA.

Treatment is for face skin, neck and decolletage; lasts 30 minutes and it’s recommended for oily skin and also for sensitive skin. ¬†To help for skin problems best is to do around 10 treatments, for refresh 2 oxydermabrasions.




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