February 16, 2017

Is Laser Hair Removal at Home Really Safe?

Home Laser Hair RemovalNow that you can easily (and reasonably cheaply) buy your own laser hair removal equipment to use at home, you can get all the benefits of this effective way of reducing hair growth without the salon cost or the time taken to visit for your hair removal treatments.  Being able to carry out the procedure at home means you can fit it around your life easily, and once you’ve bought the machine there is no additional cost, no matter how many treatments you need to achieve the best results.  But, is home laser treatment really safe?  Will it be as effective as that which you get in a salon?

Laser Hair Removal Safety

If used properly, a home laser hair removal device will be just as safe as a salon treatment.  Lasers can be dangerous, particularly to the eyes, so you do need to be careful with your device and make sure you have fully taken in all the usage advice that comes with your device.  Home laser hair removal devices approved by the FDA will be perfectly harmless (though still carrying the same risk of minor skin damage associated with salon treatment) as long as you stick within the guidelines on how to use them, how often to use them, where to use them, and how to protect your skin and eyes.  The devices are easy to use, so do not be intimidated by this, simply ensure that you understand the instructions and if you have any doubts call the customer service team before you even begin.

Laser Hair Removal Risks

The risks, assuming you are using your device correctly, are basically the same as those for having your laser hair removal done in a salon.  You may have some reddening of the skin, which can be a little unsightly or uncomfortable for a while, but most seriously you can develop blisters which can, in some rare cases, leave scars.  You may also suffer some discolouration of the skin, especially if your skin is dark or you have a tan.  Laser hair removal should not be carried out on tanned areas, or on dark skinned people.

As with all other hair removal treatments the skin is left slightly more sensitive for a little while following the treatment. For this reason, you need to ensure that you conduct your treatments in a sanitary environment, and that you follow all appropriate aftercare instructions to keep your skin looking good, and clear of any irritation.

Laser hair removal systems for home use and the support that comes with them are becoming better and more accessible every day.  With the right device, you should find that, providing you are suitable for the treatment, you can get great results at home without putting yourself in any danger.  If you have any doubts, look at your manufacturer’s website for further help, or contact customer support.

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