February 16, 2017

Importance of Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkles are a part of getting older and there are many different reasons why people develop wrinkles. One reason is that your body does not produce as much collagen as in your younger days. This is what gives your skin its firmness so it is only natural that your skin will start to sag when it does not have as much collagen. When your skin sags, it can result in small wrinkles.


Your muscles being in habitual contraction can cause the wrinkles or sharp creases that show up in your face. What this means is that if you raise your eyebrows quite a bit, squint your eyes continually, or frown more than smile, they can become a habitual contraction, which can result in deep lines on your face. The reason that so many people opt for Botox injections is that it will paralyze the muscle and prevent it from contracting. Unfortunately, the injections will usually wear off in a couple of months and once again, the line will reappear.

Importance of collagen

If you do not want to have to go every few months and get Botox injections or have a face lift the alternative would be to use anti-wrinkle cream to help prevent anti-aging. Some of these creams will work gradually while others have an immediate effect. The anti-wrinkle creams that moisturize your skin with oils that are natural will often reverse or hide the fine lines immediately. Some of the creams contain antioxidants, which not only stimulate the production of collagen in the skin cells, but also protect the skin cells from being damaged by free radicals.

Vitamin C

You should make sure that the anti-wrinkle cream that you choose has vitamin C because this vitamin is one of those special anti-aging active and moisturizing ingredients. Another ingredient that should be in your anti-aging anti-wrinkle cream is Argireline, which was developed to specifically reduce crow’s feet and frown lines that are caused by habitual contractions. According to a report, this ingredient, after thirty days of treatment, effectively reduced the depths of wrinkles by up to thirty percent.

Proper application regimen

It does not matter how much the anti-aging anti-wrinkle cream costs as long as you use it daily and has one or both of the above ingredients in the cream. Make sure that you pick something you like so you will use it every day. There is no certain time that you should apply it. Just do it at a time that is comfortable for you and will become a part of your daily regimen.

Author: Kelly is a freelance writer that specialises in everything related to health and beauty. She also share Medifast coupons if you want to save money.


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