February 21, 2017

How Will I Get My Disability Claim Approved?

Construction worker takes a break at Freedom TowerThe application process for a disability claim can often prove challenging, especially if you’re dealing with serious health concerns. However, filling out the forms correctly and providing the appropriate information will help better your chances of getting your disability claims approved.

Regular Physician Visits

The Social Security Administration will go over the documentation pertaining to your illness or injury when evaluating your disability claim. Detailed medical records are crucial in your approval, and you need to make sure that you have the most current information. If you qualify, you can even receive medical attention from a variety of low-cost providers who can evaluate your treatment options.

Enlist The Help Of A Disability Attorney

A disability benefits attorney can increase your chances of getting your disability claim approved, and searching online at a site such as www.disabilitydenials.com can show you the kinds of difficulties you will likely face. They have the knowledge and experience to help with the application process and can look over your medical records to see if anything pertinent is missing. Your medical records should be thorough and provide detailed information in regards to your medical condition.

Listen To Your Physician

When given medical advice and a treatment plan for your ailments, you need to follow your physician’s orders. Deviating from them in the smallest way could result in your claim being denied. This includes taking the proper dosage at the correct times, enlisting the help of a physical therapist and getting enough rest. Taking the right steps to get back on your feet shows the SSA that you are as concerned about getting better as everyone else.

Alcohol And Drug Abuse

Individuals who have previously abused drugs or alcohol need to prove that their condition was not made worse by substance abuse. Immediately inform your physician that you’ve been alcohol and drug-free and have them note it in your medical records. The SSA could deny your claim if a statement isn’t made denying it.

Fall Into SSA’s Limits

The guidelines for receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration are tough, and you need to fall within the set parameters. At present, the limit for a sighted person each month is at $1,000 and someone who is blind is at $1640.

Detailed Responses

When filling out the application, you need to be as descriptive in your responses as possible. This especially holds true for questions that are related to why you are not able to work and how it limits your day-to-day activities. Your attorney can provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure that you’ve left nothing out.

Keep In Touch

Touch base with your disability attorney, and the Social Security Administration Office regularly. If you move or change your phone number, you need to notify all parties involved. If they need additional information or have any questions in regards to your case, they will be able to stay in contact with you.

Going through the process of filing a disability claim can be time consuming, and you may be unsure if you’ve handled everything in an appropriate manner. Through the help of a disability attorney and paying attention to detail, you stand a good chance of getting your claim approved.

As a Veteran of the Navy, Tina Webster writes to encourage veterans to work through the governmental red tape associated with filing disability claims. Marc Whitehead & Associates, www.disabilitydenials.com, are experienced attorney’s who will fight to see you through to the end of the appeals process.


  1. My mother is looking to get a disability claim approved and is worried it won’t. I like how you point out that your claim could be denied by deviating from your doctor’s orders. My mom doesn’t like to do what the doctor says and usually does her own thing, so I’ll have to show this to her and make sure she follows the treatment plan he has for her exactly.

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