February 21, 2017

How to Make Your Own Crystal Elixirs

Since ancient times, crystals and gemstones have been used to heal the body physically, mentally, and spiritually. You may already know some of the ways that crystals are used for healing; they can be held in your hand during a meditation, placed on or around the body in a therapeutic layout, or specially arranged in your home or office to create a tranquil atmosphere. Many people don’t realize that crystals and gemstones can actually be used to make elixirs that can be taken internally or used on the skin to utilize a particular healing property of a stone. This is done by transferring the vibrations of a crystal into distilled water that you can drink or bathe in. In this article I will walk you through the necessary steps to make safe and effective crystal elixirs.

Selecting a Crystal

The first thing you will need to do is choose a crystal that you want to use to make your elixir. There are many books and websites that can tell you about the healing properties of the different crystals, and you can select one based on what your needs for healing are. Nearly all crystals have multiple benefits and uses, so do your research and find the one you would like to work with.

A Word of Caution

Some crystals and gemstones can be toxic to the body if taken internally. They may contain lead or mercury, and it’s important to know this before you make an elixir. Use multiple sources to find out if the crystal you want to use is safe. If you find a crystal that you really want to work with and find out it is toxic, there is an “indirect” method that can be used to make an elixir that will be hazard-free to your body. This indirect method of making a crystal elixir does not require the stone to come into contact with the water – the water is charged with the crystal vibrations via intention. I will explain how to do this later on. Never allow a crystal to come into contact with water for an elixir if you aren’t sure about it. This would be neither safe nor responsible, and not worth the risk to yourself or anyone else.

Clearing and Programming Your Crystal

Once you’ve selected the crystal for your elixir, be sure to properly clear it so that is ready to use. You can place it in sunlight, moonlight, earth, water, or it can be smudged with incense or sage. Some crystals should not be cleared with sunlight or water because they may fade or crumble – this is another thing you need to research first. After cleansing your crystal of all negative energies or impurities, you need to program it with your intention for its use. This can be done by meditating with your crystal and asking it to help you with a certain problem. Do this in a way that feels comfortable for you.

Making a Crystal Elixir

To make your elixir, you will need your crystal, a glass jar or bowl, a glass lid (you can use a glass pie pan or a clear glass plate for a lid), a glass or plastic liquid measuring cup, distilled water, vodka or brandy, and dark glass bottles with droppers to store and dispense your finished elixir. Elixirs are generally stronger if prepared on the day when the moon is either full or new, and a sunny morning is a preferable time to make them. The sunlight and moonlight will assist in transferring the healing vibrations of the crystal to the water.

Carefully put your crystal in a clean, glass jar or bowl filled with distilled water – there should be at least enough water to cover the crystal completely. Place the glass container outside where it will receive direct sunlight and cover it with your glass lid. If you live in an apartment and don’t have your own yard, you can put the jar or bowl in a sunny windowsill. The elixir should be left to charge for 7 full days, if possible. The transfer of the crystal energies can be done in shorter amounts of time, but 7 days is preferred.

After 7 days of exposure to sunlight and moonlight, move the glass container indoors and place it in a dark place, such as a cabinet, pantry, or cellar for 7 more full days. After this time, the process will be complete. Gently remove the crystal from the water (never use a metal utensil – metal should not touch the water) and give thanks to it for sharing its healing gifts. Fill a dark glass bottle half-full with your elixir water, and add an equal amount of alcohol (brandy or vodka) to preserve the frequencies of the elixir.

You can make as many bottles of your elixir as you can fill with the charged water. Elixirs made this way are called “Mother Essences”, and should be labeled as such. On the label you should also include the crystal used, the date it was prepared, and what it should be used for. To take internally, place a few drops under the tongue two times per day, or as needed. You may also apply a couple of drops to your skin or in your bath water.

Indirect Method

If you are unsure whether the crystal you’ve chosen to use is safe for internal use or if it is for certain known to be toxic, you can make the elixir by placing the crystal in a clean jar or bowl, and place that container inside a larger one (glass) that is filled with water. The water will be charged through intention, and the crystal will not come into direct contact with the water.  If you prefer, you can always use the indirect method – it’s safe and fool-proof.

Crystals are a special gift from Mother Earth herself, and using them to make elixirs is a wonderful way to help heal yourself and others naturally.

By Bailey Harris Life and Health Insurance writer.


  1. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing!
    Can anyone tell me where to find some natural crystals? Also I will go on holiday to Croatia. Do you know if there is chance to buy some rocks or crystals?
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    Claudia from Berlin

  2. Wow really interesting..I do not think I would ever make one but it is really interesting to read about


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    There are several websites that sell natural crystals. Here are a few examples:




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