February 22, 2017

How to Find Menopause Alternative Treatments

Here you will find some ideas about menopause alternative treatments that are effective and easy to use.  Today’s women focus on natural and herbal remedies and lifestyle alternatives rather than Hormone treatments due to the risk and side effects associated with hormone therapy.

So what are the best alternative treatments for menopause symptoms?

First and foremost are herbal treatments such as Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, or Licorice Root. Most herbs that treat menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, contain plant-based estrogens (or phytoestrogens). The scientific community is still debating the effectiveness of these herbs but millions of women use them to manage their symptoms. For a complete list of herbal menopause treatments go to our website for more information

Supplements are available from numerous resources that mostly contain proprietary blends of the herbs. Check the labels carefully because the active ingredients in some of the supplements are too low to be effective.

Diet and Exercise are more important than ever for women in menopause. Numerous studies have proven that an above normal Body Mass Index increases the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Additionally, being overweight has a negative impact on the endocrine system (hormone system) which is undergoing massive changes during menopause.

Exercising affects such menopause symptoms as hot flashes and night sweats, aching joints and muscle stiffness, headaches, and most important osteopenia and osteoporosis. There are several physiological reasons for the benefits. Muscles produce estrogen, which explains the benefit for hot flashes but other hormones are effected as well, which in turn triggers additional benefits for menopause symptoms.  Osteropenia and Osteoporosis can be prevented with weight-bearing exercises.

Last but not least of the menopause alternative treatments are some simple lifestyle changes. Some are just common sense, such as wearing layered clothing and using fans, but here are some tips that may not be as obvious. There are special fabrics for menopause sleepwear and sheets that are designed to wick the sweat away from the body.  Consider to keep a “hot flash diary” to find out your personal triggers. Known triggers are caffeine, alcohol, smoking and spicy foods but the triggers are very individual. Certain medications can also trigger hot flashes, so check the labels carefully.

For most women, symptoms can be managed with one or several of these menopause alternative treatments. However, menopause has several stages and different stages have different symptoms and may require different treatments. As a rule of thumb, start with the least invasive and most natural treatment.  Lifestyle changes as well as diet and exercise will have benefits for menopause and beyond. But natural remedies and herbs are great alternatives if your symptoms are getting worse.  As with all treatments, check with your health care professional before taking any supplements.

Check out our website, The-Hot-Flash-Era.com, for more information about menopause treatments and the signs and symptoms of menopause.


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