February 16, 2017

How to Choose a Romantic Wedding Venue

Romance and wedding are supposedly synonymous phrases. However, you should never be deceived that they come that naturally. There are many factors that contribute towards a wedding becoming romantic. Therefore unless you plan well and work hard to marry romance and wedding, you can be hugely disappointed. But who would like to miss out on romance on their wedding day? Yet the answer is that many couples have ended up that line simply because of not considering these factors. There are selected websites from where one can get tips if not an entire professional advice on planning romantic weddings. The lord Thompson Manor business review center is one place from which you can get this professional advice and never go wrong.

There are several factors that one needs to consider when planning a romantic wedding. The key word in this case is romance. After all, everyone and anyone can arrange for a wedding, but a romantic one is a result of professionalism and experience. Remember, it is not always the budget or sum of money spent in a wedding that determines whether it turns out to be romantic. Instead, it is the sum of these factors as outlined below that help make a wedding romantic.

  1.  The choice of location: the most memorable feature of a wedding is the physical location where the wedding has been held. Starting from the landscape to the color choices, the location will make or break the atmosphere of romance. Wedding experts have often rated certain wedding locations such as the Lord Thompson manor highly because these locations are scenic and also able to provide a host of services. The space is usually wide with a perspective look green lawns. This is an environment that is inviting for the wedding couple to sit under a promogate tree and enjoy the lush green and new flowers of spring. That is a perfect setting for a photo caption of record breaking ‘kiss your bride’ for the year.
  2. The quality of guest house services: a wedding without consummation of the marriage is simply not a complete wedding. This is where the setting of the guest rooms or houses becomes a prime factor. Some wedding planners have often assumed that the larger the room that the newlyweds would be sleeping in, the more romantic the atmosphere. Of course this is a fallacy. In fact, the reverse could be truer for most newlywed couples. After all, you would be more interested in a small space that allows the two love birds to be as close as possible. The choice of colors also does matter when selecting the guest rooms for newlyweds. They should be colors that are warm but not necessarily shouting. Purple or light orange are often preferred because they also blend well the color preference of men and women. Cottages are also becoming a preferred choice for most newlyweds. The reasons for this preference is really varied, but the perception that the couple would feel more enclosed and independent from the rest of the guest is thought to be the main factor.
  3. Professional services: the last thing that wedding party wants is disappointments arising from unprofessional service delivery. There are often silly mistakes that simply arise form unprofessionalism. For example, not being sensitive to the vegetarians in the wedding party or using the wrong type of dinner candles or wrong choice of color theme are simply unacceptable professional mistakes. You therefore benefit a lot from choosing professional services even when it costs a little more. After all, ceremonies such as wedding come once in a life time, at least for those not planning to have a divorce. It is not time to experiment or train upcoming professional event managers.
  4. Choice of music: the wedding venue that is professionally managed should arrange for music that blends with the occasion. Whether this is a live band or music player, the selection of the songs should prepare the wedding party for a romantic moment. The tunes should be smooth and slow to allow for reflection of the mind. It should not be too loud or too fast to cause distraction.
  5. The wow factor: a romantic wedding is made of surprises. This is often a role expected of the groom. Therefore the actual honeymoon site should not be disclosed to the bridal party unless really necessary. It should be a site or location that has not been visited before by both the bride and the groom.

In conclusion, a romantic wedding is made from a romantic venue. Considering the above factor, that is the location, the guest rooms, the music, the professionalism and surprise factor all contribute towards making the wedding romantic. As the couple that is planning the wedding, it is advisable that you involve professional event planners. While this may be an additional cost, it is much lower than the cost of having to witness a failed wedding.

About Author: This is a guest post by Lord Thompson Manor, a romantic wedding location in Connecticut.

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