February 16, 2017

Hope for Men with Hair Loss

Hair loss is becoming a major problem for men in the 21st century. Thirty years ago, men were coming into their 40’s with a full set of hair. Today, men as young as 20 years old can begin to experience hair loss. Many factors figure into why this is occurring. Doctors have pointed to poor diet, lack of sleep, daily stress and not drinking enough water. While this condition called Alopecia can be alienating, one should take comfort in that more than half of males today begin to see hair loss early in their life. The good news is that there have been multiple tested treatments out there that will be laid out in the coming paragraphs.


Over the Counter Options

Rogaine is still a leading product to help stop the continued effects of Alopecia. It keeps hair in the anagen phase longer and it sometimes will help with hair growth. Around 35% of men do see stoppage in hair loss and only 10% will see regrowth in the crown area. Please note that if the medicine is discontinued, the product effects will stop too.

New Medicine/Procedures

Dr. Ajaka of the Cosmos Clinic in Australia has developed a treatment that is less invasive than a hair transplant with outstanding results. In his procedure he utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma and eDermastamp Medical Needling to ensure healthy hair growth by using individual plasma to trigger the hair follicles that already exist. First, a pain reliever will be rubbed on the patients head, then a small blood sample will be taken and put into a extractor. Here, Ajaka removes the Plasma as well as the rich platelets. Then they are put back into the patient with micro-fine needles. The main side effect is a burning sensation on your scalp similar to a sunburn. This will only last for 24 hours. For the full affect, one must go through this process 3 times within a span of a month of each treatment. For severe cases, Ajaka will do a replenish treatment if positive progress hasn’t been made in the 8th month of the treatment.

Natural Remedies

If you are not a fan of modern medicine and you would feel more comfortable dealing with this issue naturally there are a couple remedies to try. Please keep in mind that it may take around 6 months to see results using this method.

  • Get a head massage

When your scalp is massaged it awakes the hair follicles on your head and keeps them active. This will only work if it’s repeated once a day.

  • Practice meditation

Since stress is a major factor contributing to male patterned baldness, it may be a good idea to learn how to meditate. Meditation teaches you to settle your mind and better manage your stress level.

  • Green tea

By warming up 2 green tea bags in water then placing them on your scalp for an hour it will feed your hair follicles with antioxidants which helps the prevention of hair loss. Hair growth can occur but you must be diligent and repeat this process once a day for a year.

There are many options out there as you can see that will help you conquer your hair loss. However, only the most expensive procedures, ones that are administered by a medical professional, will show the fastest results.

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