February 21, 2017

Five Ways to Get Baby Laughing

Get Baby Laughing

There’s nothing better than hearing your baby laugh. Like with other milestones, babies develop their first giggle at different rates. Some babies laugh for the first time when they’re only two months old, but for 90 percent of infants, they won’t have their first chuckle until they’re three months old.

Hearing a baby laugh is truly a special experience, and it warms every adult’s heart. Parents will do virtually anything to hear their baby’s sweet laughter. Try the following methods to get your baby laughing and giggling.

1. Make Funny Faces.

Babies are absolutely fascinated with faces. They just love to gaze and stare at your funny adult face. So, why not have fun with your baby and make funny faces. Scrunch up your nose, wink, or stick out your tongue. This will make your baby crack up and giggle at how silly Mommy or Daddy is acting. As your baby gets older, don’t be surprised when he starts to imitate your funny faces.

2. Play Peek-a-boo.

Since young babies don’t quite grasp object permanence (the knowledge that an object is still there, even if it’s hidden underneath something), they are often amused at peek-a-boo. Babies find it thrilling when Mom or Dad’s face disappears for a second, and then quickly appears again. The surprise of it all is very entertaining and will get your child laughing for sure!

Instead of peek-a-boo, you could also play jack-in-the-box. The element of surprise in this toy is also very funny to baby, and it will get him cracking up in no time at all.

3. Tickle Your Baby.

Babies love being tickled. Try gently tickling her chest, or blowing raspberries on your stomach and you’ll get her laughing in no time. Pay attention to your baby’s body language though – she’ll let you know when she’s had enough. (Overstimulation is never good in babies. It can make them fussy and cranky.)

4. Sing a Song to Baby.

There are seldom things that make a baby happier than by hearing your voice. Sing a cute childhood song to your little one, and you’ll get lots of laughter and smiles from your baby. For example, sing the “itsy-bitsy spider” and use your fingers to crawl up his leg. Or you could sing, “I’m a Little Teapot” and make the teapot movements with her hands. Your baby will be fascinated and laugh for no reason!

5. Bring His Favorite Toy to Life.

What little baby doesn’t delight in playing with her Mommy or Daddy? So grab her favorite stuffed toy, or perhaps her rattle, and bring it to life. Your baby is going to have plenty of fun playing with you.


Elizabeth Woods is a writer who specializes in writing about baby topics, crib bedding and and baby bedding.

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