February 16, 2017

Urban Decay Shadows – Foreshadow

Urban Decay Shadows: The Foreshadow Palette

There is something for every look in Urban Decay’s Foreshadow Eyeshadow Box.  Whether you want mysterious smoky eyes, something bold to highlight the color of your eyes, or a soft natural look, Urban Decay’s box compact combination satisfies every style. Urban Decay shadows are notorious for their intense colors and high quality. The palette includes four colors, Oil Slick, Stray Dog, Midnight Cowboy and Flipside, which work for everything.  The hard pressed powder will not crumble, and the case is magnetically sealed to keep your powder in the palette instead of letting it spill in your purse. It comes in a stylish case that is compact and easily fits in your handbag, complete with a vanity mirror for quick touch ups.

Foreshadow Tips

There are some simple tips you can follow to achieve the look you want with the Urban Decay box. Before you begin, make sure your face is clean.  You should always use an eye highlighter when applying your foundation.  This will help brighten and lift your eyes, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making your eyes appear younger.  Then use a soft white pencil underneath your eyebrows to help highlight a natural arch.  After your foundation and other preparations are completed apply a line of liquid eyeliner on your upper lids. Darken the pink inside of your bottom lids with a black pencil. Then it is time to get into your Urban Decay box to start playing with color.

Seductive Smokey Eyes

For seductive, smoky eyes, begin by applying Midnight Cowboy over your entire upper lid.  Then use Stray Dog to create shadow in the crease of your upper lid, and use a touch of Oil Slick in the corner to create depth and increase the intensity of your lashes where they rest on your lids, and just a little Flipside above the almost triangular patch of Oil Slick as a highlight.  Use a layer of Oil Slick on your bottom lid.  You can make this as thin or as thick as you choose, depending on how dangerously you want your eyes to dazzle.

Naturally Enchanting Eyes

For naturally enchanting eyes, apply Midnight Cowboy on the upper lid mostly in and around the crease.  Then use Stray Dog to create shadow in the corners of the creases.  This will help create the appearance of a beautifully shaped crease and a high arch. Apply a very thin line of Oil Slick for brown eyes or Flipside for green or blue eyes directly under your lashes on your lower lids. Then soften this with a thin layer of Stray Dog to make it appear like a natural shadow created by your lashes.

Fierce Colorful Eyes

For fierce, colorful eyes with attitude, again begin by shading the upper lid with Midnight Cowboy, but now you have some options.  For heavy lids, apply Flipside in the creases and Oil Slick in the corner and on the bottom lid.  Or, for a bold outline, use Stray Dog in the creases, Oil Slick in the corner, and a bold layer of flipside on the bottom.  This will give you an exotic, attention grabbing style that could lure a tiger to its doom.

Finishing Your Urban Decay Shadows Look

When you have chosen your style, and your shading is complete, apply a lengthening black mascara.  You may also use a light touch of brown mascara to add definition to your eyebrows, or a simple clear mascara to shape your arches.  You may at this time choose to add one more layer of black pencil to the inside ridge of pink on your lower lids. After this you are finished and your eyes should be enchanting.  Whatever combination you use, Urban Decay’s Foreshadow Eyeshadow Palette has exactly what you need to have hypnotic eyes.  Depending on your mood, the Urban Decay box will give you the tools to become a dangerous seductress or the angel next door.


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