February 21, 2017

Easing the Pain of Childbirth

Many physicians declare that epidural anesthesia given to ease childbirth pains can have some side effects.  For women who want to steer clear of any conditions that could result from this medical treatment in easing labor pain, here are some natural ways as comfort measures:


  • The environment must have one of two of the following characteristics: dim lights; it is private; peaceful; warm; has music (if possible).  A homey feeling must be established so that the mother could try to relax during childbirth.
  • A woman who is in labor could use any of the following forms of touch: massages; cuddling; stroking; acupressure and counter pressure on her lower back.
  • A woman who is about to give birth should try to walk; do some pelvic rocking; try slow dancing with partner; position pillows for more comfort; lift up her abdomen or sit on her birth canal while swaying.
  • Try a variety of hot and cold treatments such as: a warm shower; heated rice sock on the back or the groin; warm bath; cool cloth to wipe the face or ice packs that are applied at the lower back.
  • Aromatherapy could also help.  Some of the herbs that are used to ease childbirth pains are the following: althea, birthwort, black cohosh, bennet, comfrey, columbine, European ragwort, flax, garden raspberry, horehound, Iceland moss, Lady’s mantle and Pansy to name a few.
  • Having a labor companion (not necessarily your partner).  An experienced woman can help ease pains better than any male companion.

Benefits of Comfort Measures

Labor pain cannot be stopped but the woman who is about to give birth can be eased from this pain by applying what is stated above.  Mobility and proper positioning could give you the best position for giving birth.  Relaxing the muscles also greatly eases the pain and paying attention to any other kind of activity (like prayer) could take the mind off the pain.

Being emotionally prepared and physically active prior to giving birth facilitates the production of endorphins or the happy hormones.  The key to having a positive experience during childbirth is to know what’s going on around you and to have the feeling that you are the master of it all.

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