February 21, 2017

Do You Carry the Following? 10 Items Found in Women Handbags

Always wanted to know what a woman carries in her purse? Curious if you’re like other women out there? Whether you like Lockheart handbags, Brahmin handbags, expensive designer bags, or the knockoffs you can buy at Target, it doesn’t change the fact that if you were to look on the inside, many women carry similar items. Although I’m sure there have been some strange items carried in purses now and again, here are ten of the items that are most likely to show up in a woman’s handbag:


1.     Keys: To the house, to your car, to your guy’s heart. Most women carry their keys in their purse.


2.     Wallet: You have to be careful of this when traveling or if you’re not in the nicest part of town, but we all know where most women carry their money.


3.     Phone: What woman these days doesn’t have a cell phone accompanying her wherever she goes. Most phones are even capable of helping her shop for another bag… at least with an online fashion boutique.


4.     Lip Gloss/Make-up: You can’t stay flawless all day without a little touch up here and there.


5.     Sunglasses: The key to that mysterious look and help keeps your eyes safe from UV rays, what woman doesn’t have a great pair of shades traveling with her on every errand— or trip to Morocco?!


6.     Pen: You’ve got to be ready to cross off your grocery list—or write down that cute guy’s number!


7.     Gum/Mints: A classy lady always has fresh breath, but who has time to go brush her teeth after lunch? Mints and gum are lifesavers. Plus they make a refreshing little treat whenever you need a low-cal pick-me-up.


8.     Nail File: This is a great little tool to have on hand (pun intended) and can save you from ripping off that rough corner in frustration.


9.     Hair Accessory: If you don’t carry even a simple rubber band in your purse, it’s probably a good idea to start doing it. They are light, hardly take up any space and you never know when you might just have to go for a ride in a convertible.


10. Hand Sanitizer: Just because you have to be out in a dirty world, doesn’t mean you want to bring those germs home with you. Most women have a small bottle of hand sanitizer traveling alongside them.


11. You can add ….


  1. Nutritionist says:

    I would like to add mirror, comb, snack and sometimes also bills or wastes :P

  2. Charlie Jade Dress says:

    Yes I agree with your opinion According to my opinion purse make a women fashionable and there are so many reasons for choosing handbags.

  3. I think that inside a woman’s bag is a miniature version of their house. :) You could find almost anything in there.

  4. Nice article !!!!
    I like it……. I think you should write Knife instead of nail file.

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