February 22, 2017

Clean Drinking Water: It’s As Easy As Filling This Bottle

Clean drinking water is a precious commodity worldwide, but clean water is often taken for granted in more well-developed countries.

Imagine that you’re on a hike. This is the first time that you’ve taken this trail, but you’re confident in your navigation abilities. The air is starting to get warmer, and you’re starting to get thirsty. You reach for your water bottle, but remember that you drank the last drop an hour prior. Looking around, you realize that your only nearby source of water is a lake, but the purity of the water in the lake is questionable. Regardless, you dip your bottle into it and take a drink. Minutes later, you’re sick to your stomach. You promise yourself that next time you’ll bring an extra water supply.

What other options are there?

With the PowerSports filtering water bottle, your situation could have been avoided. Thanks to biostatic carbon filtration technology, the PowerSports bottle provides an accessible and affordable solution to the problem of impure water!

The bottle’s primary asset, of course, is the carbon filter. The technical phrase to describe this piece ismicroporous biostatic carbon, or, in layman’s terms, antibacterial filtration. Any pollutants that pass through the filter will be absorbed by the extremely porous carbon element, being stored in some of the billions of microscopic holes on the carbon’s surface. The end result of this process is purified, drinkable water for the bottle’s user.

One of the benefits of the PowerSports filtration technology—which really makes it practical for use even while you’re at home—is that the carbon filtration will even eliminate the trace elements in tap water (e.g. lead and other heavy metals and chlorine). You can feel more comfortable knowing your children will be drinking purified water at school, instead of water from the fountain.

Save money, be healthy.

One of the most overpriced and illegitimate items on the market is bottled water. Most bottled water comes from a less-than-savory supply: an inner-city tap. One problem with this, aside from the dishonest marketing used to sell these products, is that the water quality is often unverified, and thus unregulated. A major consequence of this lack of regulation is that your bottle of water might contain traces of bacteria and chemicals that really don’t belong there.

The other issue with bottled water affects your wallet, not your body. A typical bottle of water costs anywhere from one to two dollars; some cost even more, depending on where you’re buying them. Students, especially, are subject to high prices on bottled water.

The resolution: the PowerSports water bottle not only filters out 99.99% of all pollutants, but the filter can be reused up to 160 times. Since the bottle holds a volume of 22 ounces., this means that the life of one carbon filter piece in the bottle is equivalent to over $200 worth of bottles of water.

Keep all of these things in mind the next time you’re headed out on an adventure. The PowerSports bottle will come in handy.


Jacob Maslow is the Marketing Director of Allergy Be Gone, an ecommerce site that sells healthy home products.

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