February 21, 2017

How To Choose A Safe And The Appropriate Sunscreen

Safe And The Appropriate Sunscreen

So, it is a warm day and you want to go out on that beach location to bathe in the sun and acquire a sun kissed, sultry look! While the idea does sound exciting and fun, direct exposure to the sun could do more harm than good to the skin. The ultra violet rays from the sun damage the cells of the skin causing a deep sun tan which is certainly undesirable.  Not only does it impact your external beauty adversely, but could also lead to skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin. A good sunscreen which gives your skin enough protection from these rays is the most popular and suitable option to guard your skin against the sun.

Know how to select the appropriate sunscreen for your skin by following these points

#1 A High SPF

Many a times, people find it difficult and confusing while selecting a sunscreen, since they are unclear about how much SPF their sunscreen should have. In order to wear a completely guarding sun protection, choose a sunscreen lotion which has SPF 30 or more. The women in the glamorous industry use sunscreens with an SPF as high as 50. The sun protection is definitely more adequate with such high content of SPF.

#2 No Oxybenzone

When picking the right sunscreen for yourself in the supermarket make sure that you check all the ingredients present in it. Watch out for the harmful ingredients which irritate the skin and make the usage of sunscreen uncomfortable. Oxybenzone is a chemical which should not be present in your sunscreen as whenever it comes in contact with the skin, it causes hormonal disturbances. This leads to skin rashes, inflammations, stingy sensation and intense itchiness.

#3 Skin Type

It is important to understand what type of a skin you have and then select the sunscreen for your skin accordingly. For example an oil based sunscreen lotion would not be the most suitable for an oily skin or acne prone skin and when used might result into break outs and other skin problems. Similarly if you have a dry or mixed skin type, then an alcohol or water based sunscreen lotion would cause skin inflammation rusting in red rashes or stings on the skin with itching and uneasiness.

#4 Expiry Date

Be mindful that outdated skin products are not only inefficient in meeting your skin’s requirement but also cause damage to your skin by aggravating acne and break outs. Many a times, the sunscreens which have crossed their expiry date have the risk of causing skin cancer or any other kind of skin imperfection. Sop double check the packaging and the details mentioned at the back side of the bottle, and make a purchase only after checking the ingredients and the expiry date properly.

#5 No Sprays Please

Pick up a sunscreen which is cream or lotion based as that kind of cream is easy to apply and also envelops the skin properly. The sprays or powders which are available in the market are just a way to befool you, since their SPF content is not that high in first place. Secondly the sprays often contain astringent or alcohol contents which might make you feel fresh and cool on application, but could affect your skin in a bad manner. Hence, watch out for such products and stay away from them. Make the decision to buy the good old cream version of sunscreen.

#6 Eyes Should Not Burn

If you have to check the quality of any sunscreen and want to find out whether this would suit your skin or not, then here is a tip. Always ask for tester creams when buying from a cosmetic outlet and apply a coat of the sunscreen lotion on your face. If your eyes experience a burning sensation immediately after applying the sunscreen, it means that the product is loaded with harmful chemicals and is not recommended for daily use.  Sunscreens with toxic chemicals in it to give you that fresh, cool, dry and fair book often contain ingredients which are unhealthy for your skin.

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