February 15, 2017

Beauty and Skin Care Tips – How to Have Skin that Looks and Feels Beautiful

Beautiful SkinPeople buy beautiful clothes, put them on and thus look beautiful as well, instantly, even as it is not long lasting. Indeed, it is easy to feel beautiful when you can buy accessories, trinkets, and other things that enhance your physical appearance. But being really beautiful is more than just putting on elegant clothes. It would help that you also have beautiful, flawless skin. The only problem is that unlike clothes, you can’t just go and buy it. What you can buy however, are beauty products such as lotions, creams and exotic unguents to clear your skin, tone it the way you want, or give it a smooth texture. The truth however, is that you were either born with smooth skin or not; your skin type is basically in your genes, inherited from your parents. You could be one of the unfortunate ones who were born with allergies and have adverse reactions to naturally occurring substances and chemicals. There is little you can do to avoid being affected, but it is still possible to have beautiful skin even if you were not blessed to be born with it.

Make up

It is not so easy to have beautiful skin but certainly, there are some things you can do to make it possible. You put on makeup because it enhances your natural beauty but it can also ruin your skin if left too long. You can protect your skin and prevent pores from being clogged by removing your makeup before going to bed. Washing your face once to take away the makeup and once more to wash the remaining dirt from your skin is an excellent way to end your day and maintain beautiful facial skin.


In addition to washing your face, exfoliating it will also help keep it beautiful. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which if left on the skin, will eventually form ugly patches and leave your skin dull looking. When done in the right manner, it will leave your skin fresher and smoother.

Facial mask

Some women swear that using facial mask everyday gives them the young looking skin they want. There are ready made preparations that you can buy but creating homemade versions using plain yogurt, avocado or banana will work the same wonders as the store-bought ones.


Don’t forget to hydrate your face frequently during the day. A spray bottle filled with distilled water with some drops of rose or chamomile essential oil will be just as effective as commercial products. You can do this even with makeup on. Make sure too that you don’t expose your bare face under the sun. The sun’s UV rays can damage your facial skin and cause it to age prematurely. Always apply a high-factor sunscreen and put on a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses before you go out in the sun.

As a general rule, you can have gorgeous facial skin by avoiding stress and treating your face gently when you put on makeup, cleanse and moisturize your face. This will ensure that you avoid damaging your skin and prevent premature wrinkles from forming.

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