February 21, 2017

Are These 3 Health Mistakes Keeping You Fat and Miserable?

Health Mistakes - Fat Man Jogging

Health Mistakes Keeping You Fat and Miserable?

There are lots of mistakes that you are told not to make when you want to be healthy and in shape. Avoid fat like the plague and steer clear of junk food like McDonalds and KFC.

So why is it that when you “eat healthy” you still struggle to lose weight and are still miserable? Why is it that you struggle on the treadmill for over an hour every single day and when you step on the scale — full of excitement and hope — you are surprised when you haven’t lost even an ounce?

The problem is that the MAJOR mistakes you are making, the ones that really matter, are being promoted as the way to be healthy. But they’re not.

Here are the three primary health mistakes you make because some “expert” told you this was what you needed to do.

Mistake #1 – Go for a “jog”

There’s a fat man that jogs past my kitchen window every single day. I’ve seen him jogging every day, rain or shine, for over a year. I have to admire the dedication of the man for sticking at it, but guess what? He’s still fat. The truth is that long, slow cardio is a total waste of time. If that fat man stopped jogging and started SPRINTING, he wouldn’t be a fat man for much longer. Short sprint sessions take 80% less time than a slow jog and they burn a hell of a lot more calories. Why? They ignite your metabolism to keep burning calories throughout the day — whereas jogging stops burning calories the second you stop jogging.

Solution: Stop jogging every day and do 1-2 short, intense sprint sessions each week. Perform 5-10 full out sprints of 10-20 seconds each. Rest as long as you need between sprints. I guarantee this will rocket your fat loss.

Mistake #2 – Eat “healthy” grains

Everything is fortified with “healthy” grains. From breakfast cereals and oatmeal to pastas and rice — you’ve been brainwashed to eat it. Don’t! First off, they are not natural. It takes a hell of a lot of man made processing to make the grains edible. That means all kinds of chemicals and toxins and unnatural processes being used to get that pasta to your plate. But that’s not the worst of it. Grains cause inflammation. Inflammation is the silent killer responsible for millions of heart attacks every year, as well as a primary cause for diabetes, arthritis and many more nasty health problems.

Solution: Replace your empty calorie pastas, rice, oatmeal and bread with legumes. Legumes — which include lentils, chick peas, pinto beans and soy beans — are natural and actually have some nutritional content. They will replace the calories lost from the junk you cut out. Also make sure you have hearty amounts of vegetables with every meal.

Mistake #3 – Eat fruit every day

I can’t believe how many people are told to eat fruit regularly. We don’t need it. Do you think our ancestors, struggling through a harsh winter 500 years ago were able to get bananas, apples, oranges or other fruits every single day? Yet the human race survived. Funny that. Fruits contain fructose which is a form of sugar (you do know that sugar is bad for you, right?) and fructose is easily absorbed by the liver and leads to fat storage. Makes you rethink that apple now doesn’t it?

Solution: Stick to what works. Meat, vegetables, legumes. Fruit should be consumed no more than once a week as part of a cheat day. Ignore those who say you need a “balanced” diet. They are most likely fat and miserable too.

I can guarantee that solving these three health mistakes will put you in the top 1% of healthy people worldwide and you will be significantly leaner and happier.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and thank me in the comments.


About the author: Ian N is a former nutritional researcher and health aficionado on a mission to help people become healthier and rely on drugs less! Find out how to choose the best multivitamin for men by visiting his site and improving your health today!

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