February 16, 2017

Alternative Health Therapies

Today, there is a drug for almost every ailment, ache, or pain. It seems like medicine has become the quick fix for what ails us, but more and more patients and practitioners are turning back to alternative health therapies which have been around for centuries. Alternative health therapies are non-conventional treatments used for ailments and chronic conditions. Usually these treatments are drug free, or if medication is involved, it is in minute amounts and from natural substances believed to stimulate the body’s self-healing properties.


Hypnosis can be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, weight loss, smoking cessation, and reduces nausea and vomiting for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Hypnosis helps individuals enter a state of relaxation and increased concentration. It was once believed that hypnotist put subjects in a sleep like state, and people had no control over their own actions. This is not true, hypnosis actually helps individuals become more focused, and more in touch with their subconscious. The individual being hypnotized has complete free will, but is more receptive to positive information that might help them break certain habits or relieve chronic pain.

Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy is a little known alternative therapy, but is gaining in popularity. Magnet therapy is thought to aid in the treatment of disease, and the reduction of pain, especially in arthritis patients. Its also helps relieve headaches, helps with stress relief, and improves circulation. Magnet therapy involves placing magnets in various spots on the body. It is believed that this helps to draw out disease. There is no scientific evidence to support this, but magnet therapy dates back to the 16th century. The body gives off electromagnetic impulses, which some feel are altered or disturbed by illness. Magnets are believed to correct these disturbances by producing energy fields, and thus restoring health.


Many people suffer from headaches, and this leads to missed days from work and school. Most reach for a pill to alleviate their symptoms, but few know that a chiropractor can help to alleviate the symptoms of a headache. Sitting at a desk for long durations, and lifting heavy loads several times a day can cause pinched nerves. Pinched nerves can cause several muscles in the neck to tighten and pull the spinal column out of alignment, and this leads to tension headaches. A chiropractor is skilled in re-aligning the spinal column, which relieves tension, thus relieving the headaches.

Alternative health therapies

Alternative health therapies are becoming increasingly popular. Side effects from medication can be as debilitating as the ailment you are taking the medication for and the use of alternative therapy typically involves no or little medication. Alternative therapies are a safe and effective way to relieve symptoms associated with several illnesses and conditions.

Author: Olivia Smith is a health, fitness and beauty blogger who has a particular interest in natural medicine. One of the practices she believes is helpful for many patients is self hypnosis. It can be used for those suffering from anxiety, depression or many other issues.


  1. I became interested in alternative health options after I found out that I needed to keep my glaucoma under control. Being able to get a handle on my glycemic index load without having to resort to lots of pills has been really important for me!


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